Fetish Friday: Week in Review

Dear Fetish Fashion Friends, I sometimes have a hard time narrowing down what I want to blog about each week and other weeks I have to rea...

Dear Fetish Fashion Friends,

I sometimes have a hard time narrowing down what I want to blog about each week and other weeks I have to really dig deep to find a blog topic. This holiday time of year seems to be the former. So I decided to share a digest of fetish related fashion happenings from the last week.

A) Advent Gifts- There are many stores giving out tons of gifts for Christmas right now, but only a few of those are fetish related. These are the stores that I think you should not miss for fetish fashion:

1) needful PIXEL; the above outfit was my favorite so far and it was on day 9, Vera Blue [by Jaimie Earst & needful PIXEL], this is normally a 350L outfit that was totally free. There are still a lot of days left before Christmas and these gifts are all 0L. You never know what other surprises are waiting for us in the needful PIXEL holiday trees! This store starts each new day at 4:00 PM SL time.

2)fetish doll shop- the above boots are the gift from today- This advent calendar is pretty cool because all the previous gifts are still available. So you could go today and get all the gifts from day 1 through day 14. Most stores are not that way and you have to go only on the day or miss out on the gift. Fetish doll shop is being really generous with their fetish fashion goodies.

3) devicious- They have an advent calendar where they are releasing new items every day for a low introductory price of 99L. Not free gifts but a lower price on a new item each day and after the holidays the outfits will go up to normal store prices.

B) Deirdre and lelo of http://slfetishfashion.blogspot.com/ opened up their own "Fetish Spot" this last week and I went over to take a look. It has an Asian architecture vibe and on the walls are very low price, 10L, fetish items from designers around the grid. I am sure that the walls will continue to fill up, this is the first opening week after all. The rest of the area was a wide open space that has not been used for any particular purpose yet. I think it would be fun to have fashion fetish discussion groups (kind of like the already wide abundance of fetish related discussions that take place all over the grid). I can see a comfy grouping of chairs for Dominants and low stools or pillows for  their subs. I think a place to hang out and talk about fetish fashion sounds divine! I am unsure of what Deirdre and lelo actually have planned for the wide open space, but it was fun for me to envision some ideas. Anyway, I did pick up some of the 10L items already available at their fetish spot. Some great items! You should definitely go check it out. =)

A MESH pink leather retro GODDESS jacket- SO ME and only 10L!!
Jacket: Edelfabrik Twenstar Three Jacket @ Deirdre and lelo's Fetish Spot
Latex Outfit: !  [DeVicious] Feeling Free (5 Colors) @ Deirdre and lelo's Fetish Spot

C) Group gifts and Store Sales

1) Anima Temptation has a free gift at the store and also their are some low priced 22L purple boots you can pick up while you are there too.

2) AtaMe- December Group Gift is a great candy cane looking latex dress. The group is 25L to join, but really I think you get that back with just this one gift.
Dress: ~AtaMe~ Want some candy?? December Group Gift
Boots: Anima Temptation Eleganza Santa; Free Gift in Store

3) Red Devil Inc.- all green and red items are 50% off until January 2nd.

The owner, Latextress Demi Morgath, just happened to be in her store when I visited. She was afk but I could not resist snapping a picture. She was wearing her Victoria dress in red, which is one of  the many items 50% off right now in the store.

So that is my fetish fashion week in review for December 8-14th. Don't miss some of these great fetish related deals!

Happy Holidays,

Mistress Lingerie Clip

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