Six Halloween 2015 Fun That You Can't Miss

         Halloween is my favorite holiday in Second Life. Between the costumes and interactive spooky places often with lots of treat...

         Halloween is my favorite holiday in Second Life. Between the costumes and interactive spooky places often with lots of treats there is a lot to love about Halloween in SL. There are many Haunted places and the Haunted section of the destination guide is a bit daunting because it has so many destinations. So I am going to share with you my TOP SIX Halloween 2015 Must Do List!

          At the top of my list is TAG Gacha. I am partial to gacha events because I am addicted to gacha, but this one is really a lot of fun- even if you don't spend one linden. You can still get the HUD and have it teleport you and a friend(s) all over the grid in a random pattern (so you are not in a laggy place) and collect your stamps in your HUD. At each place when you click on the urn, you get a FREE TREAT just for playing. Some of the treats were really great too! It is like an awesome gacha event and a free grid-wide trick or treat trail all in one! I think it was the number one thing to do this season for sure. 

#1 TAG Gacha

        I of course DID play a few machines.... lol. I got some great stuff too! I am wearing the RARE Black Wedding gown from the !deviousMind machine and it is simply amazing!!! I am also wearing a brand new "Day of the Dead" type of face makeup from Pink Fuel. This is made for Catwa, TMP, Lelutka, Omega, Default avatar, and four kinds of lip appliers too. You get three faces: red (shown), purple, and teal. It is available in Crystal and Peach tones. You can find this great Halloween item in the main Pink Fuel store.

         NanTra is in TAG Gacha with the Sorcerer's Apprentice set. Above is the #8 Rare pose in the machine. NanTra's poses are special and imaginative. They tell a story and almost always come with mesh props to add to the story being told. This pose story is about a Sorcerer and his apprentice. The Sorcerer abuses his apprentice and uses his magic to make her do chores. She turns the tables on him, turning him into a ghost and then making him do all the chores! Collect them all as you play TAG Gacha this round. (This photo was heavily photoshopped.)

       Number two on my list of MUST DO things, is The Nightmare Event 2015. Last year this was called the Nightmare Walkthrough. You collect 25 pumpkins as you go along a frightening scary maze adventure. The real fun for us was just finding our way through the dark, spooky environment and of course competing to see who could find the most pumpkins. This is definitely one of my favorite Halloween events in SL- so much fun (and free). 

#2 The Nightmare Event 2015

      Number three is Havenhollow. This is the third year this event has returned to SL. It is a great event and fun for the whole family. It is immersive trick or treating in a cute neighborhood. Put on your costume and enjoy!

#3 Havenhollow III

      Fourth is another Gacha event- Wayward Halloween. This is a combination of Havenhollow and Gacha. You walk around a spooky town to find all the Gacha machines. I thought it was really cute and fun!

#4 Wayward Halloween

     Trick or Treat 2015 is fifth on my list. You need a  HUD which teleports you through the event. You find 24 Treat stations to fill up your HUD and then get a prize at the end. This is by blueberry hill and Larnia kids.

#5 Trick or Treat 2015

anc forest lanterns TAG Gacha

     Number six made it onto my list mostly because I could rez at this location. I went looking all over the grid for a creepy place that would let me rez and almost thought it was a lost cause until I found this great Haunted House. It is just a classic Haunted House, but I thought a really good one (and I have visited quite a few this year).

#6 Halloween Haunted House and Graveyard (Adult) (You can rez for a short time here)

So that is it, my six must do Halloween 2015 list! All of the destinations in my list can be enjoyed totally FREE. Make sure you don't miss these this week as we go into Halloween week 2015 in SL.

I like to compare my lists from previous years to see what is the same and what has changed in SL.
Kirsten's 2014 Halloween List
Kirsten's 2013 Halloween List

Gown: !dM LaCatrina **BLACK WEDDING** (BOX #12) RARE (TAG Gacha)
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.2
Hair: Exile::Bewitched (L)
Shoes: - Lily.Platforms (Raven)
Attached: Slink Hands, Feet, Physique
Head Applier: [Pink Fuel] <Peach> - Dia De Los Muertos V2/ Teleport
Pose 1 and 2: Nantra Look Book 4 and Syzygy 2M
Pose Prop: {NANTRA} Sorceror Wand and Ghost 8 RARE *TAG Gacha* Teleport
Pose 3: {NANTRA} Sorcerer's Apprentice Blogger 8 RARE *TAG Gacha* Teleport
Furniture: Never Totally Dead Apocalypse Clock

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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