Next Top Photographer!

Hello all you fashionista's, let me introduce myself to you! My name is Evalynn Huet and I am the new store manager at SIP. If you need ...

Hello all you fashionista's, let me introduce myself to you!

My name is Evalynn Huet and I am the new store manager at SIP. If you need help, would like to have one of our gorgeous outfits shown to you, a good advice, a grouptag.....IM me! You can do so at my picture in the store and I will be at your service asap!

Showing the elegant and sexy clothes that Kirsten designs for all of us is my pride and joy, besides I love to talk and help people. So don't be shy, get in touch!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEXT TOP PHOTOGRAPHER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Contest Details:
Sexy in Pink, GuRL 6, and Zhao shoes have teamed up to make a FUN summer contest! The contest is hosted by Sexy in Pink and all pictures will be taken in the Sexy in Pink main store on SIP island.

To enter the picture contest you must have 2 minimum and up to 6 maximum people in each entered picture. We want this to be a fun group contest that you enter with your friends! Inside the Sexy in Pink store are different clohting sections. Each section has been set up with a cute "theme room." Choose the room you want to take a picture in, and then wearing Sexy in Pink clothes, Gurl 6 hair, and Zhao shoes take an in world snapshot of your favorite fashion scene.

Theme Rooms:
Inside the Sexy in Pink mainstore are 5 theme rooms. All pictures MUST be taken at one of the 5 rooms inside Sexy in Pink. The rooms are:

Formal Parlour
Dressy Day Room
Casual Lounge
Retro Pink Ladies Diner
Sexy Boudoir

1) A panel of judges has been selected.
2) The judges will NOT know who took the picture (except for Kirsten) when they are judging
3) This is not a popularity contest. The best PICTURE will win!
4) The following rubric will be how points are awarded to your pictures. Each area will be given a point value by each judge. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. The scores given by each judge will be averaged coming up with your total score. The highest score wins the contest. The following areas are the rubric:

Picture Quality- 1 2 3 4 5
Fashion Sense- 1 2 3 4 5
Originality and Creativity- 1 2 3 4 5
Scene set up- 1 2 3 4 5
Avatar Looks- 1 2 3 4 5

1) Make a folder named SIP NEXT TOP PHOTOGRAPHER YOUR NAME, so if it was my entry my folder would be: SIP NEXT TOP PHOTOGRAPHER KIRSTEN CORLEONE
2) Put your FULL PERM in world snapshot INSIDE the folder.
3) Include a notecard with the full avatar name (first and last) of everyone in the picture, including the photographer (especially if the photographer is not in the picture). Make sure you clearly label who took the picture as- PHOTOGRAPHER.
4) THE PHOTOGRAPHER needs to send the FOLDER to Kirsten Corleone (Sexy in Pink Owner).

ALL entries must be submitted by 10 PM Saturday July 12, 2008. Late entries will not be accepted!

1) The winning photographer will win:
2000 L Sexy in Pink Gift Card
Gold Gift Card from Zhao Shoes
2000L Gurl 6 Gift Card
50,000 Linden to be split equally with photographer and everyone in the picture

2) Runner up photographer will win:
1000L Sexy in Pink Gift Card
Silver Gift Card from Zhao Shoes
1000L Gurl 6 Gift Card

1) Only in world snapshots will be accepted. No textures, no post production work (PS, PSP, etc) allowed.

2) The photographer can be actually in the picture (taking a picture of yourself and your friends), OR the photographer can be someone who is NOT in the picture. The photographer, the person who actually takes the in-world snapshot, will be the main prize winner.

3) The PHOTOGRAPHER will win all the gift card prizes. The Linden prize of 50,000 will be SPLIT EQUALLY among everyone in the picture and the photographer.

4) Different people in the group MAY all take pictures, and submit different picture entries. For example, if you have 4 friends in a picture, EACH person in the picture can take a picture to submit to the contest. All 4 people in the picture can submit their OWN contest entry of the same scene. The picture must be taken by the person submitting the contest entry.

5) All pictures must be submitted in a FOLDER named correctly (see above). Loose pictures, submitted by themselves will NOT be entered in the contest.

6) All pictures must be submitted full permissions- copy, modify, transfer. Failure to set the right picture permissions will disqualify your entry.

7) Everyone in the picture must be wearing Gurl 6 hair, Sexy in Pink clothes, and Zhao shoes.

8) Men are welcome to participate, with other guys or in mixed gender groups. (Sexy in Pink DOES have men's clothes. For the past year they were on sale in world. However, now the ONLY place to buy men's SIP clothes is online on onrez.), Zhao shoes are only made for women. If you are a man IN the picture, you may wear shoes of your choice. (GuRl 6 has lots of great men's style hair!).

9) You must have AT LEAST 2 people in your picture, and a maximum of 6 people in each picture. We want this to be a fun GROUP contest!

10) Hair, clothes, and shoes, must be from specified stores. Any other avatar items- skins, accessories, props, objects, etc can be from any store of your choice.

11) Upon submitting picture entries, all rights to the picture transfer to the contest owners (gurl 6, SIP and Zhao). Pictures will NOT be returned and may be used by contest owners for any purpose at their discretion including but not limited to promotions, ads, displays, etc.

Thank you for your time in participating in this fun contest!

Kirsten Corleone- Sexy in Pink Owner
Six Kennedy- GuRL 6 Owner
Melanie Zhao- Zhao Shoes Owner

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