Lady Ling

              In Second Life you can find me under the name, Lingerie Clip, but I  more commonly go by Mistress Ling or Lady Ling. On flickr I am- Lady Clip, but that is only because someone had the audacity to be using my favorite Domme name- Lady Ling. I am a Domme in Second Life and I have a hot pink dungeon that I call home, yes that's right- hot pink. Just like my dungeon I am full of the unexpected and you can't put me into a box. I am uniquely me. 
             I have long since thought that there are some amazing clothing designers that make my role play fantasies look more realistic inside SL and I have also thought they were not blogged enough at least not on the feeds. They may not be "mainstream" fashion, but they take every bit as long to draw and honestly not just anyone can draw good fetish wear, it takes a lot of talent. I think that should be highlighted and recognized, so I do a weekly "Fetish Friday" blog post here on kirstentacular. Kirstentacular is syndicated on EIGHT main SL fashion feeds- so the sexy side of fashion gets some play on the feeds through my posts. I hope you enjoy my sexy fetish finds!

Some FAQ's:
  1. Have you always been dominate? Yes, I have never ventured into being a submissive. I am and have always been dynamically dominate. It suits me.
  2. Review Policy- If you are a fetish fashion designer, I would love to receive review copies. It does not mean that it will suit my style or tastes and I only blog what does. If interested, send fetish review copies directly to Lingerie Clip. Thank you for your consideration- either way.
  3. Where can I get good fetish wear?- The best way to see the most current fetish wear is to look at all my Fetish Friday blog posts. Clicking that link will sort this webpage by the label Fetish Friday and only show my posts. 

Fetish Friday blogger on kirstentacular

Spankings and Kisses, Lady Ling