Picture Places in SL

*Links Checked and Updated November 2018*
Here is a link to the Google Sheet so you can view it there if you want: Kirsten's Picture Places
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  I hope you find some useful places for your blog pictures in my spreadsheet. I will be updating and adding to my list and it will update here on my blog in real time. My spreadsheet is alphabetized (sorted) by the category column and should be that way most of the time. However, this is a list I actively use and I might sort by REZ for example if that is what I am looking for at the time. If you find it changed in format, most likely wait a few minutes and re-fresh the page.

     Although there are many beautiful places in SL, to make it on my list the place needed to be made all or mostly of mesh. There are a few exceptions with older sim favorites that I just can't help continue to love (like inspire space park), but mostly you will only find updated mesh builds in my list. Also, I don't include places that are no build AND also no scripts in my list. So places that I love (like alirium) are not on here on purpose because I really feel like you need at least one (or both preferably) for the place to be a viable picture spot. If you have any beautiful places that are updated mesh builds and allow at least one- build or script and I have not included them, please leave a comment and slurl below!

Place Categories Defined:

Arabian Nights- Think Jasmine and Aladdin, desert and camels, it is fictional and fantasy, but if it was in RL it might be in some place like Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, or Morocco.

Asian- Traditional Asian Architecture, chinese gardens, pagodas, dragons, koi ponds (Japan, China,

Beach- Pretty much builds made with Studio Skye landscaping beach sets

Cafe- Seating areas, counters, lounging are the primary focus of these places

City- From smaller downtown hometown cities to massive skyscrapers, you will know you are in the hub of commerce and the heart of the city

Cosmic- Planets, stars, celestial bodies

Country Estate- You are not in the city. These places usually have lots of areas and pretty mesh houses or cottages dotting the countryside that has some trees, paths, flowers, and water elements too.

Desert- Open sand, camels, cactus, pueblo builds, terra cotta

Fantasy- This is one of the serious categories lacking in new mesh builds. There are many fantasy sims in SL and they are all almost made with old prims, flat prim trees and bushes, and other elements that did not make it in my list. We are in serious need of updated fantasy sims (or I just need to find them- but I have looked.) These will be places where fairy's, elves, ogres, and the like might roam and make their home. As well as mystical, gothic, magic, and places that wizards might roam.

Farmland- Crops of some sort as well as farm animals and farm buildings are needed to be in this category.

Fetish- Most always adult so be careful if you teleport here. Places where adults can play and take theme pictures like schoolrooms, medical, etc. This is also a hard one to find with new mesh builds and I will probably include a few that don't so that I can have some in my list. We need updated mesh fetish locations in SL.

Flower Fields- Lots of places in Sl have flowers, but to be in this category, flowers have to be the main feature and pretty much seen all over.

Forest- If what I see most is trees, and then I zoom my camera up over the sim and see dense trees blocking my view over 50% or more of the land, then forest is the main category for these sims.

Garden- Unlike flower fields, these flowered places have organization and flower beds and are well kept.

Grassland- Wide open spaces and knee length grasses occupy most of the sim in these places.

India- Places with traditional Indian Architecture. Think the Taj Mahal, colorful wall murals, Intricate and ornate carved arches.

Jungle- Yep there are trees, but these places differ from a forest because they are tropical and offer dense overgrowth as well as often typical jungle animals and rivers.

Lake- A large Lake surrounded by land. The Lake is the focal point of the sim.

Mediterranean- the beautiful beaches,  the harmonic curves of the hills, islands, bright sun, clear atmosphere, white buildings with a red tiled roof, terra cotta brick, Greek architecture.

Old West- I can't find this in a new mesh build. Places where you get into town and know you will see a saloon and blacksmith. Yet another type of place that would be so cool in a new mesh build and needed in SL.

Park- A large public green area surrounded by a town, might include grown up places like benches and ponds as well as children playground equipment.

Pier- Lots of these in SL in beach and river areas, but in this category, the pier is huge and the main feature of the sim.

Post Apocalypse- These can be futuristic dystopias or even modern or historical run-down and overgrown sites that look like time has forgotten the place and nature is trying to take over. Look in the other info column for more information about each place.

Professional Design- These places look like a designer made them and they could be in a magazine. Interior designed spaces

Retro- 1950's is the predominant time for this category, rockabilly, diner, and poodle skirts.

Riverfront- A river or lake and the dock/ pier/ walkways next to it are the main feature.

Rocky Cliffs- The ground might have a few different terrains, but the predominant material is rock covering the land at higher altitudes.

Town- also could be called village, these are suburb like places can be residential or commercial but small town life is apparent.

Underwater- I can't find a mesh build in this category either, but there are still some pretty places to be found. Mermaids!

Variety- Nothing is predominant and overpowering in the landscape because it is so varied in equally built spaces. Look in the other info column to get a list of the places contained in each variety sim.

Watersim- To be in this category, water has to cover most of the sim and you have to be able to walk over most of it and explore the shallow aquatic spaces.

Love, Kirsten Corleone