Review Policy & Stats

REVIEW POLICY: I thankfully accept review copies for both ladies fashion and houses/furniture. However, I only blog what suits my personal taste and style. Whatever you decide, thank you so much for considering me and kirstentacular with your time and talent!

  • I do not blog orange, green, or yellow as a primary color. That should be fine because I love pretty much every other color and will just pick one I love to blog!
  • I do not like to ask for items from designers- I rarely, if ever, do that. If you want me to blog something please send it to me or ask me to join your blogger group, etc. 
  • I will blog all styles as long as it meets my quality standards, even things that are out of my norm. I love to change it up!
  • SLURL's: Blogger Copy items will ALWAYS get an SLURL added in the credits. Often items that I am featuring and bought myself will also. Other items that I bought will get listed and if at an event, I will list that too to make it easy to find, but I do not include an SLURL. 
  • Send fetish fashion and fetish fashion appliers for maitreya lara (omega- ok) to Lingerie Clip. 
  • Send fashion, fashion for slink physique or maitreya lara, shoes, jewelry, houses, furniture, etc to Kirsten Corleone. Send male fashion to Hiram Walker. 

  • Official Blogger: If you would like to talk to me about becoming an official blogger for your store, please IM Kirsten Corleone and/or send me a notecard with your blogger policies. I would love to discuss it with you. Blogger copies always get listed with an SLURL to your store or event where the item can be found.  Thank you for your interest in kirstentacular. 

  • BLOG STATS: This blogs monthly hit average is about 10,000 and ranges around 300 to 500 hits per day average. The average for the last six months May-October 2017 was 10,800 hits per month.  The total overall stats is > 530,000. 
  • I also have my page views clearly visible on my blog to add to total transparency. 
  • FLICKR: this is my flickr stream, please check it out. You will see that my pictures routinely get 1000+ views and 99+ favorites. 

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