Saturday, May 23, 2015

Floral Love Affair

      I mentioned last weekend that I was in love with FDD Stories and that love affair continues. This fantasy brand is making fitmesh works of art made for the Maitreya mesh body. I can't remember loving a dress as much as this one in a long time. I feel like a storybook princess. You can find this brand new dress in 8 color combinations, most not near as girly as this pink one which is my favorite, at the new round of The Fantasy Collective. I accessorized with aisling Dame des Fleurs floral set and a Lode head accessory that you can find at the current round of The Chapter Four

      Yes, I am really in love with all these items! My pretty updo is new from Doe (formerly ploom) at My Attic. Get this cute updo while its only 95L during the duration of this event. 

Head Accessory: *LODE*- Magone Crown [violet] @ The Chapter Four May
Accessories: .aisling. Dame des Fleurs Bracelet, Arms, Hands Gold
Necklace: .aisling. Dame des Fleurs Necklace Black RARE
Hair: Doe: Foxy /Streaks/ - Fatpack @ My Attic May
Dress: FDD Stories *Bonitta* FitMesh Dress Rose1 @ The Fantasy Collective
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
Earrings: Donna Flora ROSALINDA earrings
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Harley v2 <Peach>
Pose: Everglow Flora 5 and 3/ Teleport to Everglow

Love, Kirsten Corleone

Friday, May 22, 2015

Fetish Friday: Wonderland

    Velvet Thorn Femdom has a lot of social events so that Domme's and subs can get together. They have one every Friday night at 7PM that is designed and decorated around a theme. This week the theme was Wonderland and the party space was all decked out. I always think they do a great job decorating, but this week was really amazing so I decided to take my blog pictures here today. I am not really dressed in the theme, but I am enjoying the scenery nevertheless. My applier latex catsuit made only for Maitreya is from girlfriend, latex boots by Bax Coen, and my hair is new by Suicide Gurls at The Dark Style Fair 2

     I really love this Suicide Gurls hair. This is the first time I have tried this brand, but this hair cut is so well done and detailed. 

Catsuit: girlfriend - Latex Vinyl Heavenblue Catsuit 3 Versions
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots White Latex
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
Hair: Suicide Gurls - Stanza Hair
Skin: .WoW Skins::. V2 Mary Darktan
Pose Prop 1: {anc} cirque de reverie .16/ nuit / ballon / ladder 4Li
Pose Prop 2 and 3: Boudoir  House of Cards and Drunk House of Cards
Place: Velvet Thorn Femdom

Spankings and Kisses, Lady Ling

Enchantment Under the Sea

     We are Lorraine and George McFly at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance! I love theme and character dressing in second life especially dressing like characters from a movie that I love. The May round of My Attic has a Back to the Future theme this round and I love all of the items. Hiram and I really enjoyed dressing up like these characters! My dress is by Kaithleen's, hair by Emotions, and shoes by Elyisum which can all be found at My Attic this month. Two of my couple poses are made by Nantra- Under the Sea 1 and 2 and are also at My Attic. Remember items at My Attic are a special price of only 95L each for the duration of the event which ends at the end of the month. 

On Kirsten:
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * LORRAINE * @ My Attic May
Shoes: Elyisum - Grace peeptoe stiletto- strawberry ice plain @ My Attic May
Dress: Kaithleen's Lorraine Vintage Dress - Peach  @ My Attic May
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Harley v2 <Peach>

On Hiram:
Hair: *ARGRACE* ARATA - Dark Brown
Outfit: imMESHed - White w/ Black Slacks Mens Tuxedo and Formal Shoes

Nantra Under the Sea 1 and 2  @ My Attic May

Love, Kirsten and Hiram 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Sparkle Glittery Shoes! Tomorrow for 21 Shoe, Livalle has a sparkly glittery treat for us! Two sparkle shoes for the price of one. See both shoes HERE. I am wearing the Modig High Strapped Sandals version. I love these strappy sandals and glitter just makes them sooo much better! Be sure to stop by Livalle tomorrow for 21 Shoe. 

     My outfit today is all new Ducknipple separates. Skinny leather pants and a jacket that you can wear with or without the undershirt. Both come with the standard Ducknipple 12 texture change HUD. My jewelry is new by Aphorism at shiny shabby. It is a gacha with 5 stone options and 4 pieces in each set: necklace, bracelet, ring, and hip chain. I am wearing the complete moonstone set. My hair is also new at shiny shabby from Mina. I am visiting the sim, It all Starts With a Smile to take my pretty pictures today. 

Jewelry: !APHORISM! Bijou Collection- Moonstone @ shiny shabby
Top: Ducknipple Mesh: Franky Jacket/Shirt (Fitted)/ Teleport to Ducknipple
Pants: Ducknipple Mesh: Linda Skinna/ Teleport to Ducknipple
Hair: MINA- Myrtle (materials) @ shiny shabby
Shoes: {Livalle} Modig -High Strapped Sandals- Ruby Sparkle (Slink)/ Teleport to Livalle
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Harley v2 <Peach> - Lid 01 - (ltbrow - A)
[PF] Harley Lipstick <Peach> - Romantic Red
[PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow <Peach> - Pearl White + Wing
Poses: Nantra If the Shoe Fits 6 and 5/ Teleport to Nantra

Love, Kirsten Corleone

Monday, May 18, 2015

Purple Passion

     After my fantasy weekend, it was time to go back to mainstream fashion because I have so many cute new items to show you.  In fact I am featuring four main things in my outfit today: Kaithleen's dress at Thrift Shop 9, Maai Love heels, Cae jewelry set at Fit for a Princess, and Doe (formerly ploom) hair at Kawaii Project.  I have a lot to tell you about each item with more pictures to follow in this post. Let's start with all the new features of my Doe hair. 

     You can find new Doe hair at Fantasy Gacha and the one I am wearing today is at Kawaii Project. Make sure to try a demo today to try out all the new cool features of Doe hair! I am wearing pink streaks and purple dip with my hair today!

     Look at the intricate design of my Baroque Cae jewelry set. As usual you can change the stone and metal textures, but you can also hide or show each chain individually as well. Above you can see a close up of my new Maai shoes. They are very nicely textured with a suede fabric in rich colors. You can find this new shoe at the main Maai store in a variety of colors. Last, I am in love with this Boho- inspired Kaithleen's dress. It is available at a discount this month at The thrift shop so be sure to get one while it is at this event. 

Jewelry: Cae :: Baroque :: Set @ Fit For a Princess May
Hair: Doe: Burger Time / Streaks (large) @ Kawaii Project May
Dress: Kaithleen's Indah Kamani Dress - Purple  @ The Thrift Shop 9
Shoes: MAAI New love * Slink Purple *NEW*/ Teleport to Maai
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Harley v2 <Peach> - Lid 01 - (ltbrow - A)/ Teleport to Pink Fuel
[PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow <Peach> - Silver + Wing
[PF] Harley Lipstick <Peach> - Lilac
Pose: Pretense Irascible 4
Windlight: Picture 1- Kirsten's Favorite Windlight Location Haze; Picture 2- Kirsten's Favorite Winlight Location/ Download Here

Furniture and Decor:
Apple Fall Spring Parasol
Apple Fall Cafe Chair
Apple Fall Clawfoot Height-Adjusting Table
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
Apple Fall Daffodils Jug
{vespertine} healing garden building RARE

Love, Kirsten Corleone

Sunday, May 17, 2015

FDD Stories Amaelle Fitmesh

Click for Original Picture before Photoshop/ Click picture for high resolution on flickr

     I have been enjoying Fantasy Gacha so much this weekend, which is kind of amusing considering I don't really have anywhere to wear these fantasy looks since I don't role play in SL. I have fallen in love with FDD Stories which is a fantasy store that is making fitmesh clothing and boots that are so intricate and well done I went around and bought a bunch all over the grid at every event I could find this store. My first FDD outfit was last fantasy gacha and I blogged it HERE and HERE. I really loved that one and how detailed it was, but I was not familiar with the brand. When I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with the FDD fitmesh dresses at this round of fantasy gacha, I decided I needed to really investigate this brand. I think these leather dresses are so amazing that I plan on wearing them, in red, blue, purple, etc- (I got all the common colors), just as regular dresses, lol. They fit perfectly on my Maitreya lara mesh body with my curvy shape. Here is a better fashion shot below. I was playing and wanted to make a fantasy picture above.

     I spent a small fortune trying to get the Ultra rare black dress and thigh high boots and did not get them. I do have a bunch of the common dresses at my yardsale at Gachatopia if you want some colors! Anyway, when I went to the store I was so excited to see a wall full of shoes and boots and these thigh high fitmesh boots are not gacha, you can just buy the colors you want. I thought they went well with my dress! It is important to remember to change your foot size from zero when wearing fitmesh or your feet look way too small and the boots don't look as good either all scrunched up. I made mine 30. I am in love with FDD Stories! Happy FDD Stories Shopping!

Dress: FDD Stories *Amaelle* Fitted Dress Red @ Fantasy Gacha May
FDD Stories *Amaelle* Fitted Skirt Veil @ Fantasy Gacha May
FDD Stories *Amaelle* Mesh Jacket RARE @ Fantasy Gacha May
Boots: FDD Stories *Treva* High Boots, fitmesh - Natural Black (@ FDD main store)
Quiver: Candy Crunchers - Dark Elf - Arrows @ Fantasy Gacha May
Bow: Candy Crunchers - Dark Elf - Bow @ Fantasy Gacha May
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
HAIR: TRUTH  Verinne
Jewelry: [Tia] Gypsy Moon - RARE - Headdress, Necklace, and Entire Set
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Harley v2 <Peach> - Lid 01 - (ltbrow - A)/ Teleport to Pink Fuel
[PF] Harley Lipstick <Peach> - Sultry Red
[PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow <Peach> - Heavy Smoke + Wing
Poses: marukin light daisy and garden beauty
Windlight: ElysiumEilde - HazyRedSky
Picture Place: The Dalelands

Love, Kirsten Corleone

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sultry Succubus

     Fantasy Gacha is back for May and as usual I went nutso playing the machines. I am so very gacha addicted, but look how bad ass I look! My Sultry Succubus look is a combination of Nerdology and The Forge and poses by Infiniti. There are so many amazing things this round! Make sure you bring your wallet when you visit. 

GizzA - Les Fleurs / Tiara Floral Black @ The Chapter Four May
Magika [Hair] Listen
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
[The Forge] Candle Pauldron, Gold @The Fantasy Gacha May
[The Forge] Demethys Panties, Gold  @The Fantasy Gacha May
[The Forge] Demethys Top, Gold @The Fantasy Gacha May
{Nerdology} Sultry Succubus Black Full Set  RARE @The Fantasy Gacha May
     {N} Succubus Hoof Boot - Black  @The Fantasy Gacha May
     {N} Succubus Horns - Black  @The Fantasy Gacha May
     {N} Succubus Wings Black  @The Fantasy Gacha May
     {N} Sultry Succubus Collar - Black  @The Fantasy Gacha May
[Pink Fuel] Harley v2 <Peach> - Lid 01 - (blkbrow - A)
[PF] INK LipGloss (Teeth)
[PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow <Peach> - Heavy Smoke + Wing
Poses: . Infiniti . - Nightshade 3 and 7 @The Fantasy Gacha May
Windlight: Kirsten's Post Apocalypse Grunge, Download Here

Love, Kirsten Corleone