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Now is the time to get your costumes!! And boy do we have the best ! We have 5 more costumes. Making our total at Sexy in Pink- 19 awesome c...

Now is the time to get your costumes!! And boy do we have the best !

We have 5 more costumes. Making our total at Sexy in Pink- 19 awesome costumes to pick from! We have 13 costumes for girls and 6 costumes for guys, many of them making great couple costumes!

**SIP** Sexy Lil DevilBring a new meaning to the words hot and steamy in this sexy as hell devil ensemble. Smoking hot costume set includes flaming skirt, animated devil tail, pitchfork, and sculpted horns. Pair with your sexiest boots and you'll have them selling their souls for a chance with you.

**SIP** First MateYou'll be everyones first choice for a mate in this flirty first mate sexy sailor costume. Salute your sexiness in this costume set that includes revealing tie front halter top with decorative lapels and sculpted cuffs, sailor girl fishnets, sassy mini skirt and cute little sailor hat.

**SIP** Navy CaptainBatten down the hatches, hoist the mast, cause here comes the Navy Captain. This salty costume includes Navy dress whites, hat and belt. This is a perfect outfit for a sojourn at sea-or a Halloween night party!

**SIP** The MarineThe few, the proud, the Marines. Wear this costume to your next party and let everyone know who's in charge. This costume includes Marine dress blues, hat, and belt. Pair with your favorite dress shoes and you'll have the crowd shouting HHOORRAAA!

**SIP** Tool TimeYou'll have them wanting to handle your tools in this sexy costume. This costume includes shirt, pants, tool belt, boots, and hard hat. Wear this to your next costume party and have them screaming "It's tool time" as soon as you walk in the door.

Then we have an update in our SEXY section!

**SIP** MInidress Fancy-These dresses are gorgeously textured in varying metallic and shimmery hues. Each one is equisitly unique. This design brings dressy and sexy together in an amaing eye catching dress. A low plunging neckline and barely there back, paired with a super mini make this one dangerous dress!

From SIP we wish you a very great Halloween, with lots of tricks..and treats!!

***Don't forget our Pumpkin Patch and stay tuned for more news to come!!***

Then we have an important announcement!!

Attention SIP customers, Starting November 1, 2008 the profile picks system will be changing.
Whats different?- *The board will pay you one linden each month. *That will be like "signing up" for a store gift card. *At the end of the month everyone who got paid one linden from the board will be sent a 100L gift card.*ALSO- you MUST be in the Sexy in Pink SL store group (not the subscribo group) and be wearing your Pink Ladies tag. If you are not in this group, simply click the sign in the store to join.

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