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ploom Carrie * Cae Kay ploom is at Hair Fair 2014 with four new releases and they are all really must haves. Two of them are updos ...

ploom Carrie * Cae Kay

ploom is at Hair Fair 2014 with four new releases and they are all really must haves. Two of them are updos and the other two are long hairstyles. A girl can never have enough updos in her SLife. ploom is on the Brunette sim at Hair Fair til July 27th. Since I was taking close up hair pictures, I decided to accessorize with Cae's new jewelry releases. There will be two beautiful new sets in this post. Above is Kay which is available at Serafilms. The film this time is The Godfather Part 2 and this jewelry set is inspired by Kay Corleone in the movie. This necklace and earring set includes two metals, 13 rose colors, and 10 pearl stones.  My second life last name is Corleone and so I think its pretty cool to be covering some items from this event. I wish I could say that I was cool enough to know about my last name but the truth is when I was a noob and picking a screen name I simply started at the top and worked my way down until I could have the name Kirsten. Corleone happened to be the first last name that worked with my choice of a first name. I even pronounced it wrong in my head for the longest time (cor lee one (as in the number 1). Yeah I am really that much of a girly girl. Ok, you can stop laughing at me now. 

ploom Honey* Cae Kay

Look at the bow made out of hair that tops this updo, adorable! Then this hairstyle also has a headband with very pretty color changing flower details as well. This is a very pretty and yet fun updo. I really love this one. 

ploom Plasma * Cae Soleil * ploom Pickle

ploom Plasma is a retro inspired hair with an adorable center bow that changes into a bunch of different colors and polka dot patterns. I really love this bow! ploom Pickle is long and wavy with playful half messy piggy tails. You can find all these new styles from ploom at Hair Fair 2014. 

The dress I wore in these posts is a new release from Sassy! at The Black Dot Project. You can find this cute flower decorated dress there until July 20th. 

My necklace is from Cae called Soleil. This weekend only this set is on sale as part of The Dreaming Tree weekend event. After today this set will be at normal Cae prices, so make sure to go get your sale copy today. You can find it in the main Cae store. Here is a close up of these two beautiful jewelry releases from Cae. 

Teleport to Serafilms
Teleport to Cae (Soleil is on sale today,  July 13th)
Teleport to The Black Dot Project (til July 20th)

.ploom. Carrie, Honey, Plasma, and Pickle @ Hair Fair 2014
Cae :: Kay (@ Serafilms) and Soleil Sets
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands, Feet, Physique
~Sassy!~ Spring Fling dress @ The Black Dot Project
Glam Affair - Sylvia  Jamaica

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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