Fun Halloween Things To Do and Picture Places 2016

        If you are not running around SL partaking in all the amazing Halloween themed places, then you are truly missing out! Hallow...

        If you are not running around SL partaking in all the amazing Halloween themed places, then you are truly missing out! Halloween inside Second Life is the best! I love all the spooky places, fun things to do, and Halloween themed events. I have made my list of the top 8 fun things to do and places to go this year. I hope you find some fun in my list!

#1) The Nightmare Event 2016: The Nightmare walk through is back for another year. This is always one of my favorite things to do for Halloween in SL. Can you find your way through the Nightmare experience and find all 25 teeth?

2) Pumpkin Patch by Interior Design and Artistry: After you pick out your pumpkin, there are several areas for interactive fun including a petting zoo, Apple Orchard, and a Wine Sampling Station. One of the coolest things is that visitors are allowed to rez items for photography pose purposes so you could visit and take group or family pictures at the Pumpkin Patch. 

3) Haunted Halloween Tour: Ride a coffin through a spooktacular ride. Two can ride together on this ride so you can grab onto each other for dear life. For the best experience you want to use region windlight defaults, have your sound ON, and turn on advanced Lighting.

4) Live Trick or Treat Event: Free Bird is hosting a grid wide live trick or treat event. You can visit vairious decorated homes Saturday October 29 9-11 SL or Sunday October 30 11 AM-1PM. 

5) Halloween Haunted Sim by Nance Clowes: This sim features several major Halloween-themed builds on one sim. Attractions include rides, an 8 story ghost asylum, GCS zombie combat city and lots more!

6) Polaris Playground Haunted House: This is an old school SL haunted house, but it made it on my list because if you find your way to the top of the haunted house you can hop on a bat and ride around the spooky sim looking at everything from above. This is an ADULT sim.

7) The Cornfield: You land and get a basket on your back, a damage meter HUD, and a plank of wood for your protection. You are going to need it because there are all kinds of spooks in the cornfield. If you are a traditional gamer, this might be really up your alley. You can click on the arrow on your HUD to get a notecard that tells you all about the game and how to play. Can you get through the cornfield and collect a full basket of corn before the griefers get you?

8) Dark Sewers:  You can fight zombies and all kinds of creatures in the sewers. Pick up a free HUD and weapons and venture into the sewers to fight all kinds of spooky haunts. Dare you venture down to the dark underground old sewers,inside this dark & damp place are creatures of your worst nightmares!

Spooky Picture Places Perfect for Halloween:
Woodbury Falls
Ironwood Hills

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Earrings: *Just Because* Pumpkin Earrings (2)- N21 FREE Gift 
Outfit: *Just Because* Willow Jumpsuit/ Teleport/ Marketplace
Head: CATWA Destiny
Hair: Doe: Punkin - Pumpkins RARE @ Kawaii Project
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Necklace: Noodles - Batty Necklace
Shoes: {Livalle} Rhiannon -Platform Heels- Black Jack
Pose: {NanTra} Trick or Treat Pumpkin Candy Bucket 6
Skin: Pink Fuel <Peach> - Dia De Los Muertos V2

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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