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Maitreya has been a brand of high quality for a long time. They don't release very often compared to other brands on the grid, bu...

Maitreya has been a brand of high quality for a long time. They don't release very often compared to other brands on the grid, but they go for quality over quanitity. Hiram got me the new fitted mesh body, Lara, by Maitreya for Christmas and I have been playing with it. Just like every other mesh part or body that I have put on, your shape will need to be tweaked to get it like you want in the new body. Lara is very curvy and a bit thick so I had to do a lot of changes to my shapes to get them like I want in this new body. I took pictures and overlayed and tweaked and asked opinions and finally have come up with a mesh shape and a curvy shape that are making me happy in this new body.

The body comes with an entire fatpack of fitted mesh lingerie (shown above) in 16 colors that will fit perfectly to any shape you wear with your body. I am showing it in two different shapes to display how the lingerie adjusts to your shape. There was also the Vixen dress (shown in red above and below) and a Lara fitmesh size was added to the Maitreya thigh high boots as well. Even though they do not normally release very often, I really hope that changes a bit and they make a lot more fitted mesh items for this new body because the ones already available are simply stunning.

This body comes with the fatpack of fitmesh lingerie, applier lingerie from Zaara, Glam affair skins are included in the HUD (so no need for an GA applier), great alpha layers that are seperated into tons of portions to make wearing standard size mesh easy, compatible with Omega, Maitrya hands, and Maitreya feet that change into flat, medium, and high via HUD. The body also works really well with the XS slink hands and feet. I am wearing slink hands and Mait feet in this post.

I love the boob, bottom, and hip shape of this new body. I love the curves and I feel super sexy while wearing Lara. The rest of the pictures in this post are going to be slightly not safe for work.

For NSFW pictures and credits please click below (Only 18 and up).

Pretty curves! My shoes are one of the three Maitreya VIP group gifts. They fit the Mait high feet that are included in the body purchase. My parting thoughts are: It is all about that booty!

(Yummy) Diamond Chandelier Earrings - Diamond @uber January
(Yummy) Pearl & Diamond Necklace and Bracelet @uber January
Hair: .ploom. Splitend - Blondes
Maitreya * Vixen Dress Red * Lara Mesh Body
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.0
Maitreya THB - Liquorice Leather - Lara Mesh Body
Maitreya Gold Liaison - Indigo High-Feet
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara Lingerie
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Glam Affair - Sylvia  Jamaica - Base A
Glam Affair - Sylvia - Lipstick (Jamaica) 02 E

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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