Live Music in SL

One of my favorite things to do in second life is to go see live musicians. We have so many talented people in SL and the music scene is no exception. Here is my ever-growing list of music you should check out!

Format: Performer/ online blog-webpage-or recordings/ Online Calendar

1. Maximillion Kleene/ / (needs on online schedule!)
2. Colorful Quiet/ http://thecolorfulquiet.bandcamp.comGig Schedule
3. Jacqueline Luik/ No recordings/ Gig Schedule
4. Sassy Nitely/ / Schedule
5. Phemie Alcott/ / no schedule found
6. Therese Nightfire/ / Online Schedule
7. Savannah Coronet/You tube / Online Schedule
8. NANCE Brody/ MP3 Album/ Calendar
9. AMFORTE Clarity/  Calendar
10. Trav McCullough/Listening Booth in SL /Calendar
11. Noma Falta/ / Calendar
12. Mankind Tracer (Seth Regan)/ Facebook / iTunes / Calendar