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I love finding "new to me" stores, and since mesh hit the grid these seem to be popping up all over the place. I decided to put...

I love finding "new to me" stores, and since mesh hit the grid these seem to be popping up all over the place. I decided to put "mesh clothes" into search and just see what popped up. I went to a few duds in my explorations, but I found a few new to me stores that really impressed me too. The one that impressed me the most and left me with a rather large shopping list was- bilo. This amazing hankerchief hem dress is from bilo. It comes in this more formal satiny fabric and then a much more casual print too. I of course want more (when do I not?)! At bilo you can find the normal mix of pre-standard sizing and then newer styles in standard sizes that I see in many mesh stores as they transition to the standard sizes. You can also find some partial mesh dresses and skirts that still use the pant layer to form some of the outfit letting you keep your natural curves. The dress I fell in love with above is all mesh and just beautiful in standard sizes. 
Virtual Impressions has a pretty group gift that I will show in a minute and also you can get the above set in a variety of colors for 50% off if you are wearing your group tag. The in world group is free to join! My hair is from vive 9- love this high bun updo. It was perfect for this dress and showing off these dazzling earrings. Also, I am wearing new mesh eyelashes from beetlebones. YEAH! I can wear eyelashes AND turn on my shadows. I am so excited about that! These are the "starstruck" eyelashes. 
My poses today are from Everglow, girl poses #52. If you have not been to Everglow yet, I highly suggest you go check out their top quality poses. It is a great store with a very helpful owner. I try to highly suggest those as oppposed to the faceless stores around the grid with little to no customer service. 

To Teleport to the store see my STORE LIST on the side bar of my blog ----->
  • Dress: bilo Selena Ocean
  • Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Tyche Jewelry Set in Sapphires & Diamonds
  • Hair: vive 9 Poland Highlander Bun
  • Poses: Everglow Girl Poses #52
  • Skin: League Jen
  • Makeup: Pixel Dolls Eyeshadow Firefly Blue
  • Eyelashes: beetlebones Mesh Lashes Starstruck black
  • Shoes: G*Field Flower Pumps Eve Blue
To the right is the free group gift "Lisa in peach and yellow diamond" available now at Virtual Impressions. The group is free to join. 

Kirsten Corleone

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