Pose Fair 2012

Pose Fair 2012 is in full swing and I really enjoyed looking at poses. I needed some new ones and I found a "new to me" store- E...

Pose Fair 2012 is in full swing and I really enjoyed looking at poses. I needed some new ones and I found a "new to me" store- Everglow that really blew me away. They were by far one of the best (imo) pose shops at the fair and I had not heard of them. I wonder how that happened. The poses are in numbered sets and so I bought  Girl Poses #56, but I really wanted to walk out of there with most of the store. I made a notecard with my "pose set wishlist" while I looked at the fair and the entire Everglow collections went on my noecard. 

  • Poses: Everglow Girl Poses #56 @ pose fair 2012
  • Shorts: mon tissu Cuffed Denim shorts Medium wash (LOVE THESE!) 
  • Tank: Jane fufu tutu pine 
  • Hair: Exile Prelude 
  • Shoes: Hucci Kayla Pump Wild Pink
  • Jewelry Set: Ticky Tacky Marta Takes a Holiday Set 
The next set of poses that really caught my eye were Exposeur Top Model Spring 2012. I am showing you 3 of the 15 poses in this set. 

I found some more poses that I liked at evolve, hopscotch, and long awkward pose (LAP). 

I also bought the pencil skirt set at aDORKable. That set has been out, but I never really needed it since I did not wear system skirts. Now with mesh, pencil skirts as well as all other form fitting long skirts are now wearable for me! I am excited. 

 The rest of what I saw and liked at the Pose Fair I wrote down on a notecard so I can go back and get it when I get some more Lindens. I will share my Pose Fair 2012 notes with you. (I only took notes on single pose shops. I was not interested in buying couple or group poses during this shopping trip. There were many great ones at the pose fair though, but my list only includes the single pose vendors.)

Kirsten's Pose Fair 2012 Notes and Wish List:

1. Everglow- WOW, amazing pose sets, want set 53 and 52 for sure, so impressed with this pose store

2. aDORKable- want breezy, carefree, sleek, photo booth

3. Exposeur- suspension shadow box (big pearls in a box)- very cute pose prop room with 8 poses,   Top model spring 2012 poses

4. estetica, lots of cute poses, microphone poses, 99L pose HUD

5. Long Awkward Pose- great poses

6. wetcat- Ever after fairy tale poses, alice in wonderland, snow white, and blogger poses. Great poses with props!

7. purple poses- marilyn pose set- great vintage feel

8. Apple spice- sexy pose set,  cute pose set, against the wall set

9. Baffle- butterfly on nose pose set

10. Cheeky pea- love this store, cutest furniture always with cute poses in furniture

11. Captivity Co poses- Lusty set

12. D-LUXX- cute pose sets- Simplicity, secrets, and pencil

13. elymode- baseball, lifeguard, mistress chair, moon (cute poses with props), great Domme poses

14. Fluke- cute pose chair

15. Juxtapose- cute amp box room, and red carpet box

16. Marukin- some cute, cheap pose sets, check main store 

17. nuwiggle- some cute poses with props, lookbook

18. Olive Juice- vintage phone with poses, Spring 12 set- mesh friendly, sexy sits with a tintable box, puddles with rain emitter and poses

19. Pretty me pretty - lamp post only 100L with poses

20. ploom- cute pose sets, one for the beach with props

21. Poseur- showdolls stage pose prop with 13 burlesque poses, exspensive but so nice

22. Sway's- Pedicure pillow

23. Aphrodite shop- really original couple poses with props (snowman, lady and the tramp, etc) 

I am going to break this into two posts, because it got really long! I am going to post the 30 free or nearly free poses I got at the pose fair next. 

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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