Maai at BBB (Save the TaTas!)

Maai is participating in Boobs, Butts, and Beyond . A new release exclusively at BBB are the Morena mesh corset packs that come with l...

Maai is participating in Boobs, Butts, and Beyond. A new release exclusively at BBB are the Morena mesh corset packs that come with lola and azz appliers. They come in two packs a light pack with white panties and a  blue (shown), pink, and white corset or a dark pack with black panties and a black, red, and purple corset. I am showing you one of the corsets in the light pack with my cute azz and lolas in this post. 

I am wearing the Sax Shepard Design Slink High feet add-on Shoes Tease in white with the Rare anklets that you can find at Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I love these shoes and the changing gem stones! They are so elegant, girly, and pretty. I have them in six colors so far, but I really think I might have to own the whole collection. 

The Tuga mesh formal is the 100% donation item for Breast Cancer Action provided by Maai. You can find more about this organization on their website, This formal also comes with lola appliers included. I am wearing it without my attachments and of course you can wear all of these mesh items in this post with or without attachments. 

Slink Enhancement Hands and High Feet
Anklets: Sax Shepard Designs ~ Fairy Tale Tease ~ Anklets RARE @Fantasy Gacha
Shoes: Sax Shepard Designs ~ Fairy Tale Tease ~ Snow White @Fantasy Gacha
Lower Body: ** Cute Azz
Boobs: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Bianca Texture Change Set
Ring: JCNY - 'FOREVER, Engagement Ring
Hair: Magika  Tomorrow
Hair last picture: Exile::Dream of Paradise
Lingerie: Maai Morena corset blue and white panties (via azz applier) @ BBB
Formal: Maai " Tuga " gown @ BBB
Skin: Glam Affair - Vera - Jamaica
Pose 1st Pic: Luth Pin-Up 13
Pose 2nd Pic: aDORKable Attitude 5
Pose 3rd Pic: Flash Friendly Poses Jewels 002

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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