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A new to me skin store always makes me happy when I open the box and try it on and go, wow. I love skins, but I am pretty picky about the...

A new to me skin store always makes me happy when I open the box and try it on and go, wow. I love skins, but I am pretty picky about them. I was really impressed with Hush skins. I zoom up and check out all the seams and the important little details like knees, elbows, collarbone, shoulder blade, etc. Again, I was impressed. This skin is well made. I am showing you Hush Lily  in Honey skin tone and Natural makeup which is basically an empty palette. This skin will be great for a base to add tattoo layer makeup. Here is a close up of Lily Honey Natural:  

There are 5 makeup options in the Lily skin line. Above is Natural and then below starting on the top and going right to left are the makeup options: Ravish, Captivate, Seduce, and Bewitched. 

The way you choose a skin and then the skins you get is a lot different than I am used to in most skin stores. In most stores, you pick your skin tone and then get a pack in that skin tone with a variety of makeups. In Hush the only option was to pick a makeup and then you bought that makeup and got the makeup in 6 different skin tones. It seemed a bit weird to me because most people wear one skin tone and lots of different makeups as opposed to one makeup and lots of different skin tones. I think changing the packaging of these great skins would help the store greatly. For example, I would rather choose Honey skin tone and buy only the honey skin tone with 5 makeups- natural, Ravish, Captivate, Seduce, and Bewitched. Rather than getting the makeup Bewitched in 6 different skin tones for example, 5 of which I will never wear. Anyway, the 6 skin tones that you get with each makeup are sugar, vanilla, cream, honey, cocoa, and caramel. You also get 3 eyebrow colors and 2 cleavage options. 

The lingerie in all of these skins shots is new from BeautyCode- Angelique Black. My necklace is from Donna Flora from her 70% off wall. I got it for a great price. I am not sure how long those items will be there for 70% off, but I do know that when the sale ends the jewelry will be discontinued. 

  • Skin: Hush Lily Honey Natural
  • Dress: Aura Deschanel Dress Pink Dot (mesh)
  • Hair: Alice Project Eve (mesh)
  • Necklace: League Fly me away Amore Pink Necklace
  • Rings: Zombie Suicide Rings Collection V1
  • Shoes: Pixel Mode Luna Dots Black w/white (mesh)
  • Fingernails: Mandala 

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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