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Oh man I seriously can not keep up with all these weeklies/ monthlies fashion events. Even with Seraphim ! When these things first sta...

Oh man I seriously can not keep up with all these weeklies/ monthlies fashion events. Even with Seraphim! When these things first started to happen in SL and they were mostly those weekly events where you went around from store to store, I felt like I knew basically who organized them and the time I had to shop. Then the weekly/ monthly events kind of exploded and it became more and more difficult to keep it all straight. I find myself asking is "such and such" a weekly or a monthly event and when does it start/ end. 

Anyway, I found another new to me event- XY Room. There were over 100 designs. This is one of those events where you go to one place and all the designs are there from a variety of designers. Like I said I have trouble keeping up, but I think this is a monthly event and everything is 100L or less. 

I got the mesh dress and the shoes at XY room. (Also the Angelique lingerie from BeautyCode that I showed two posts ago was from the XY room- I forgot to mention that in the post.)

I don't often buy "bargain" shoes because I am really picky about quality and I would just rather pay 1000 for a really great pair of shoes. However, these shoes are 100L and come in 60 colors and while they are not the most detailed shoes I own- they are definitely worth 100L as a 1 color shoe. If you throw in the fact that they are a 60 color shoe- it really makes these a smart purchase. You can see the 60 color HUD below. 

To TP to the store below, see the store list on the side bar of my blog ----->

  • Dress: [Echo] Maestro FC Mesh Halter Dress. Black @  XY Room
  • Shoes: *LIV-Glam Spring 2012 - Adele Heels- 60 Baked Shades-  XY Room
  • Hair: elikartira Mood
  • Purse: Leverocci - Resort Satchel_Firetruck
  • Jewelry: INDI Designs - Wood Rectangle Jewelry black/white

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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