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A very cool new idea is hitting the grid in the form of wishlists. If you have ever registered for a wedding or baby shower, this concep...

A very cool new idea is hitting the grid in the form of wishlists. If you have ever registered for a wedding or baby shower, this concept will seem familiar to you. I know that I personally had a BLAST in real life with that hand held scanner going throughout stores and clicking on all the things I wanted in my gift registries.

Now we can have that kind of fun in second life and it does not even have to be a big special reason. You could just want to be spoiled! Right now there are only a handful (11) of participating stores, but I can see this growing and I really hope more of my favorite stores sign up! I went through Flair, Sysy's and Hucci this morning just clicking away and adding things to my personal Spoil Me Wishlist! I had so much FUN!

How To Create a Wishlist:
1) Go to one of the participating stores and click on the blue and white wishlist sign
2) Pick the Create list option from the menu
3) Click vendors in that store and any other participating one and click WISHLIST
4) You will get this message: Wish List Kiosk: This item has been added to your Wish List!
5) If you just want to add to your list, you don't have to click the sign again. You can just click vendors from any participating store and continue to add items, even different days and different stores. 

From the blue and white Wishlist sign you can also find a list, view your own (and you can edit the content too at the link provided but do NOT give this link out to people), and Get a HUD of all the participating stores. DavidThomas Scorbal of Ev2 Designs is the creator of the new wishlists program. You can learn even more about them on his website: http://www.e2-designs.com/wishlists or his youtube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/davidthomasscorbal/

If you are a designer/ store owner, I suggest you check into wishlists and consider adding your store (so I can go make more wishlists!). I really think just being a part of the HUD is a great advertisement for your store too as another added bonus. When I attach the HUD to my screen, I can click on any participating store and teleport right there to continue making my wishlist! I did not even have to re-click the wishlist sign; I just kept adding to it as I went from store to store. Here is a picture of the very easy to use HUD:

If you are wanting to buy a present for someone, you go to the website http://www.e2-designs.com/wishlists/ and enter in their first and last avatar name and then click the green search button.

Their wishlist comes right up with a list of all the items and a location link so you can teleport right to the item in SL. 

What is going to be on YOUR Christmas wishlist this year?

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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