Celebrating 12 Years!

Last weekend Hiram and I celebrated twelve years together. Our anniversary is November 16th. We were first married in The Sims Online i...

Last weekend Hiram and I celebrated twelve years together. Our anniversary is November 16th. We were first married in The Sims Online in 2002 and have played off and on in a variety of online games since then. It is now 2014 and I can't imagine my life without Hiram. He makes me so very happy. 

We shared our 12 year love story in voice with our guests and Hiram had a surprise for me too. He changed the lyrics to a song and synced the song up with black and white photos of our wonderful life together over the years. Then he played his guitar and serenaded me. It was beautiful and thoughtful. It was a clear picture of why I love this man. It was a surprise that took time and planning and a lot of thought. It made me feel special and loved- just like he does every day in soooo many ways! In the black and white picture below from 2007, you  can see Hiram and I when I participated in Second Life Idol- and won! 

Then my friend Alicia played our song, Amazed by Lonestar, and we danced. It was a beautiful, magical night- a lot like the last 12 years with this amazing man! I was focused on talking and things and did not take a lot of pictures, but I have some very talented friends and am going to share their amazing pictures with you as well!

Photography by Honey Bender, see the large picture on her flickr

"Kirsten has been with her Hiram for 12 years online. 12 years together in different virtual worlds says a lot - that's love. I couldn't help but take this photo of them as they pledged their love to one another and shared their love story with us, their friends." - Honey Bender

Photography by Alicia Chenaux, see larger pictures on her flickr

Look at the great shots Alicia Chenaux got of both of us! Alicia was amazing and I can't believe she was able to do all that she did to help make our night truly wonderful. She took a bunch of wonderful pictures and she also was our DJ for the night. She truly blessed us and I value her friendship. Thank you Alicia!

Photography by Alicia Chenaux, See larger picture on her flickr

The next pictures were taken and made by my friend Anastacia Ingersoll. Ana is a friend I have had for 12 years and she was a bridesmaid in my original wedding to Hiram in 2002! She got on voice and helped us tell our love story the night of our celebration as well. It was really special to have her there. She has watched our love for 12 years!

Thank you to everyone that attended our party and we truly hope you enjoyed listening to our love story and hearing as we renewed our vows as we celebrated our 12 year anniversary. 

I blogged the scenery and decor already, here. See credits in that blog post. 

Kirsten's Wedding Fashion:
Dress: .::Dead Dollz::. Ligeia - Absence Gown
Veil: Maai " Esme " veil
Jewelry: Cae :: Duchess ::Set
Crown: Candy Nail Wedding #W005 Autumn Wedding Flower crown Pink
Bouquet: Candy Nail Wedding #W005 Autumn wedding Wedding bouquet pink
Shoes: Ingenue :: Jolie Heels (Slink Add-On) :: Creme
Ring: JCNY - 'FOREVER, iEngrave Hyper-Gems, COMBO Ring
Hair: Magika [Hair] Meadow
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Sora <Apricot> - Lid 02 - (ltblonde - thin) (Not yet released)
Eyeshadow: [Pink Fuel] Shimmer Eyeshadow <Latte> - Pearl White

Hiram's Wedding Fashion: 
Shoes: .:L&B:. Couture dress shoes :Ornate Lace up 
Ring: JCNY - 'FOREVER, iEngrave, Mens Wedding Ring
Tuxedo: L&B Mesh (L) "Modern Black Open Tuxedo" 
Hair: [Uw.st -7R-]    Nice-Hair    size-L    Meteor

Love, Kirsten Corleone and Hiram Walker

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