Fetish Friday: Karma

        Pixicat is at Arcade with this sexy high slit dress with lots of corset tie details. The Karma dress is available in fitme...

        Pixicat is at Arcade with this sexy high slit dress with lots of corset tie details. The Karma dress is available in fitmesh and there are 6 common colors to win and the Rare which looks like black leather and latex. I of course wanted the Rare, but the gacha gods did not send it to me yet. This red one is super sexy though and I think the design elements make it fetish all by themselves. Latex in this design is just a bonus. 

        Enfant Terrible is also at Arcade with the Vintage Romance set and this is definitely a fetish set. It is kind of subby though with pony boots and a definite pony play theme, so it was not on my must have wish list. Although I would love to have the Rare outfit.  This set would be perfect for a pony sub to win and wear. I am wearing the choker that is in this set. It has a horseshoe in the middle of the design to add to the pony play motif that I see in this set. 

       My new Pomposity diamond studded leash holder is at Whore Couture 5. I like that it is metal change into 8 metal textures and it is fitted to my slink casual or gesture hands- so it fits well with no adjusting. However it has BLING and I can't stand bling. I don't know anyone in 2016 that still wants to walk around blinging. Hello, 2008- I have your leash holder. Worse, I could not find a way to turn off the bling in the scripted touch menu or the included notecard. So not only does it have the dreaded bling that I can't stand, but you can't even turn it off. Honestly I do NOT want to be bothered with having to turn off bling in a new release that I buy in 2016 anyway. Having to turn bling off every time I wear my leash holder, will most likely make me throw this in the trash eventually. If I had known this product contained bling, I would NOT have purchased it. 

Dress: Pixicat- Karma.Dress nr1 - Red (Slink Physique) @ Arcade March 2016
Choker: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Romance Choker Fit Black @ Arcade March 2016
Hair: enVOGUE - Gisselle
Shoes: Glamistry : PARRASANA Heels
Leash Holder: POMPOSITY - Diamond Stud Leash Holder (Slink Casual) @ Whore Couture 5
Body: Slink Hands, Feet, Physique
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Nirvana
Crop: Thrust Poses - Crop
Skin: Belleza- Yasmin FLF Tan Makeup 2 Dk
Pose 1: oOo Studio fever five
Pose 2: posepack 4.30 (no idea who made this, sorry)

Spankings and Kisses, Lady Ling

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