Fetish Friday: nekOs frOm Mars

Tonight I have a store called nekOs frOm Mars that has a lot of very shiny latex in a secret agent line called Operative. Each out...

Tonight I have a store called nekOs frOm Mars that has a lot of very shiny latex in a secret agent line called Operative. Each outfit has a story that goes with it, which I found interesting. This design consists of a pretty much see through latex base and a mesh underbust corset.  Above I bring you Legion Operative. Marketplace Link
"The female Legion Operatives are the most numerous of all the special agents, they specialize in achieving their goals through quantity rather than with quality.They rely on persuasion through numbers. By flooding the target with Operatives, equipped with nothing more than what is needed, the objective is reached by sheer force. They are dressed in skin-tight trans-lucid latex catsuits, offering a clear view of their strengths and desires. These Operatives tend to be organised into untold sororities of agents, forming a Sisterhood which the Secret Intelligence Agency can use to reach its goals."

 [nfM] Legion Operative
Clawtooth: That Pretty Lady - Softest Black @Arcade June
[nfM] Legion Operative Heels
[nfM] Legion Operative MESH Latex Corset
-Belleza- Ellie Gacha 15 @Arcade June

nekOs frOm Mars: Cydonian Operative on Marketplace

"The female Cydonian Operatives are the most enigmatic of all the special agents, their true skills and experience remaining a mystery.The Cydonian Operatives have strong ties to the planet Mars. Named after the Classical god of war, Mars, it is often described as the "Red Planet" as the iron oxide prevalent on its surface gives it a reddish appearance. Only the most foolhardy investigators would mention the strange biocyber-scientists employed by the Secret Intelligence Agency and their responsibility for an extraterrestrial link between Mars and the Operatives. Those investigators are usually quickly silenced, one way or the other. A fact is that the Cydonian Operatives are classified at Omega-level, which means that their true identity and mission is only known to a few high-ranking officials in the Agency. They are dressed in revealing red latex catsuits, ready for whatever their mission requires of them."

[nfM] Cydonian Operative
[e] Rush - Black 04
[nfM] Cydonian Operative Glasses
[nfM] Cydonian Operative Martian Belly Ring
[nfM] Cydonian Operative MESH Boots
-Belleza- Ellie Gacha 15  @Arcade June

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