Friendship 2012

              Damien Fate made a friendship bear in 2003 out of old school prims and it circulated around the grid. I joined SL in 2006 a...

        Damien Fate made a friendship bear in 2003 out of old school prims and it circulated around the grid. I joined SL in 2006 and remember seeing the bear although until now, I did not know anything about who made it or why. So now Damien is 9 years old and to commemorate that SL achievement, he made another mesh updated Friendship bear. Read more about it on his website.You can get the bear at his store FATEwear, marketplace, or you can get it sent to you from a friend. They are free to copy and transfer.

        I decided to send them out to all my friends and it sparked conversations with people that I had not connected with in far to long. I deeply enjoyed reconnecting with some people I had just not talked to in a little while. I think we all kind of get caught up in our close knit circle of friends or our special guy and I really enjoyed expanding my circle this week. The bear really helped me connect- he tends to do that because he is SO cute.

So if you have not yet received a friendship bear, go pick one up and start them circling around your friends! Spread the Love!

     I am going to take this post to say thank you to a few of my friends that make things in SL. If you are a blogger, why don't you do the same and make a blog about this cute bear and include some items from designer friends in SL. I am not really anyone special to start a blogger challenge, but I think it would be a fun one! =)

      I turned six years old in September. My friend Journey McLaglen- owner of Prism, sent me a 5000L gift card for my birthday. Thank you Journey, it was one of the many reasons I had a great birthday! I used my birthday card to get this classy mesh sweater dress, isn't it pretty? The designs at Prism are very unique. Her choice of color and texture is something special and different. Go take a look at Prism yourself and let her "color your world."

      My hair is from Analog Dog. Queue Marlowe, owner of Analog Dog, is a friend of mine. She sometimes sends me blogger packs of her amazing hair and the one I am wearing was one such hair. I really love this updo- the back is a bunch of barrel pin curls pinned up with bobby pins. It is really an amazing work of art in my opinion, but then again so many of Que's designs are. They are interesting and unique. I love her hair for that reason. Her curls are unmatched in SL. She is making hair in mesh now and its really amazing too. Go have a look at all the new hair at Analog Dog- she is making so many new things lately and they are so beautiful.

     Now my jewelry is made by a lady I only know in acquaintance Narita Rayna- owner of Ticky Tacky and I tried so hard to find a jewelry set to match this dress that is made by one of my best friends, Hempy Weezles owner of RIPE jewelry, but alas I could not. This is a hard color to match! So, I thought about it and it hit me! The owner of Ticky Tacky is Hempy's close friend and the person that taught Hempy to make jewelry. So I decided I could honor my friend Hemps (as I call her), by wearing her mentor's jewelry. Here are some times I have blogged RIPE. I love to wear Hempy's jewelry with my casual clothing. She makes cute, whimsical jewelry and I love it all. If you need some jewelry for that casual look, go check out RIPE and Be Delicious!

Bear: Friendship Bear 2012 made by Damien Fate
Dress: Prism Sally sweater dress French Roast
Hair: Analog Dog LaDonna
Jewelry: Ticky Tacky Marta Takes a Holiday
Shoes: Miamai_Lois_Bright November for Lazy Sunday
Tights Sn@tch Skull tights brown
Skin: Tuli Sara
Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes Pale Glass
Pose 1st Picture: Marukin Flight Mountain Dew
Pose 3rd and 4th Picture: Purple Poses Ana

To all my other friends in SL who got a bear from me. I am so blessed! Thank you =)

Thank you Journey, Que, and Hemps for being my friends,

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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