I have a Cute Azz

I did not touch up the butt in this picture at all. I did not draw the very nice smooth curve of the butt or touch up the normally stretc...

I did not touch up the butt in this picture at all. I did not draw the very nice smooth curve of the butt or touch up the normally stretched and disfigured texture that happens in the crotch area any time your avatar bends even slightly. This would have been an hour of photoshop liquify and painting at least normally and you are seeing a raw shot that I only cropped and played with the lighting and contrast a bit. That is why I bought a Luck Inc. Cute Azz. The previous Phat Azz was not for me, but this new shape is really not that different than the shape and size of my avatar. I will share my own list of pros and cons that are my personal opinion.

Cons of the Cute Azz:
1. You still have to change your body fat and love handles to 0 to get this to fit which in my opinion makes all of me just way too little (arms, shoulders, etc). I don't even love how my face looks at 0 fat. I think I can play with other sliders to make the rest of me closer to how it was, but I definitely did not like the 0 body fat thing.
2. You can't just wear clothes and mesh won't work with this because you can't wear the alpha and so your butt and legs show through when you move. You have to use applier clothing.
3. There is still a bit of a thigh gap that I don't love, but its not very big and I can live with it for all the pros below.

Pros of the Cute Azz:
1. The shape is soooo much better.
2. For barely clothed shots like lingerie and swimwear, wearing the Cute Azz really makes a big difference.
3. The time in photoshop smoothing out the very inferior avatar mesh will be basically eliminated saving myself and other photographers many hours.
4. For times when you want your avatar to not be wearing clothes, the Cute Azz wins every time.
5. Most of the major skin makers have made skin appliers which means no tinting and that really makes wearing this effortless. I am wearing the Glam Affair applier and it is a really good match.
6. The demo is free and easy to wear in order to see if you like the fit and shape. I made my 0 body fat shape prior to purchasing. I wore it around for a bit to see if I could stand it.
7. It works well with my SLink feet blending nicely. I have even tried some pants that have appliers for both my Cute Azz and my slink feet and it worked well.
8. All appliers for Phat Azz also work for cute Azz- skin and clothing appliers. So I already have lots of things in my inventory that I can wear.

I did not do anything with these pictures above and you can see the angular lines on the avatar butt and calves in the two pictures on the far left that I would normally liquefy and fix. There really is nothing needed on the shape of the Cute Azz. The thicker legs are also not to my own personal liking, but I really like the normal Cute Azz shape and you can see it next to my normal shape. The butt and legs of my shape and the Cute Azz are not a whole lot different, the Cute Azz is just better and smoother without being bigger and very different at all. The pros far outweighed the cons in my opinion and so now I have a Cute Azz!

I chose a new release from Sassy that comes with Lolas Tango, Deviant Lush, eBoob, Luck Inc Phat/Cute Azz, and Brazilia appliers to wear with my new Cute Azz. The Sassy Spirit Bodysuit is available in 8 colors and can be found at The Big Show until March 5th. My shoes are Siren by L. Warwick. 

Teleport to Luck Inc.
Teleport to The Big Show round 1 until March 5th

Outfit: Sassy!~ Spirit bodysuit upper - fuschia @ The Big Show round 1
*Luck .inc* Cute Azz
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Slink Mesh Feet and Hands (Av Enhance)
TRUTH HAIR Tyr [LoveJugs 2]
[L.Warwick] Siren -Platform Heels- CANDY
Glam Affair - Vera - Jamaica
Glam Affair appliers for hands, feet, boobs, and azz

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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