G-Field/ FREE/ 0L/ Subscriber FREE to join/ Teleport          I don't ever post a bunch of low quality gyazo screenshots (or vendor...

G-Field/ FREE/ 0L/ Subscriber FREE to join/ Teleport

         I don't ever post a bunch of low quality gyazo screenshots (or vendor photos) but I am today because of time sensitive 13 FREE SHOES. Let's just say none of this is going up on my flickr, rofl. This is just a simple, niche (SHOES) freebie blog post. 9 of these are totally free and 4 you have to join a pay group to get. The first one above is from G-Field. I was super excited to see these in my notices because before mesh feet (yes I know in the time of flipper feet, scary), G-field were some of my favorite shoes. The designer is very talented and has started making phenomenal mesh clothing and so I was really wondering why she had not made any add-on mesh shoes for mesh feet. This has been something I have wondered about for a while, lol. Then, I got some sent to me, woohoo!

If you are not in the G-field subscriber group or SL just ate your notice, you can go pick up two pairs of FREE splendidly wonderful pineapple delights in the subscriber history in the main store.

Livalle/ FREE/ 0L/ Join SL Free & Offers Group/ Group is FREE to join/ Teleport

     You can find THREE totally free pairs of shoes at Livalle. Two for the ladies, Classico zipper heels and Modig High strapped sandals. Also the Slammers are unisex and come with both male and female slink flat feet versions. So free shoes for men too! These are totally free, the shoes are free, and the group SL FREE & Offers is free. 

MODA/ 0L/ No group or subscriber to join/ Teleport

     Moda has some sexy fetish super high platforms as a FREE gift in the main store. You can change 8 parts of the shoe into 30 different colors independently via HUD. These are only here for a limited time, so hurry over and pick them up. 

Essenz/ FREE/ 0L/ No group to join/ Teleport

     Essenz reached 1000 likes on facebook, congrats, and they are giving away this shoe in three colors. It was supposed to be only until 8/7, but I picked mine up late Sunday night (8/9). So you can always try your luck and see if these pretty shoes are still there!

Essenz/ FREE/ 0L/ Group 350L to join/ Teleport

     If not there are also a free group gift shoe, BUT the Essenz group is 350L to join. That is not too much for one pair of free shoes and I am sure you will get others in the future. I am not yet a member of this group yet, however, (I really need more group space!). 

N-core/ FREE/ 0L/ Group 50L to join/ Teleport

     N-core has two free group gift shoes in the main store. However the N-core group is 50L to join. I have been a member of this group for a long time and the group fee is well worth the cost. These are great original mesh shoes for 5 different feet types and we get gifts often

Gos/ FREE/ 0L/ Group 250L to join/ Teleport

      Finally, Gos has this sexy strappy shoe with a little skull charm detail as a FREE group gift. I have also been a group member of Gos from the very beginning of this brand and we have gotten lots of free shoes over the years. Now that Gos is making shoes not only for his own feet but also for Slink and Maitreya feet, I am super happy and that makes this group that much more of a need to join group. 

Enjoy all your new free shoes!

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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