Fetish Friday: Sanctuary in Latex Station

Outfit: Latex Station Extreme _Lisette_red_suit *New release* Lisette comes in red shown, and also black and purple. Hair: Magika ...

Outfit: Latex Station Extreme_Lisette_red_suit *New release*
Lisette comes in red shown, and also black and purple.
Hair: Magika [Hair L] Clarify
Jewelry: Purple Rose Mistress necklace and bellyring
Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boot BLACK
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Kumi <Hazel> - Smokey Wing (dkbrow) w/ retro lip glaze

I am going to show you the last two new releases from Latex Station, Lisette and Dolly,  in this post as well as a fun sim, Sanctuary Chateau and Sky Dungeon. The featured items are a classy BDSM environment and sophisticated dungeon.

The first picture in this post above is taken from the Chateau. It has some very nice classy furniture and beautiful scenery for a romantic and fun hangout spot for you and a special friend. Here is the view from the Chateau at sunset:

There are sixteen different places you can explore in this sim and I am only going to show you five of the sixteen in this post. You will have to go explore to see the other eleven. After the Chateau, I had to go check out the Sky Dungeon. On my way I took an aerial view of the classy build:

That dungeon is classy and a welcome change from cold stone, bare floors, and zero aesthetics! Now I am a dominant, but I could not resist hopping in the shibari art boxes they have in this dungeon- purely for the art of it. 

Fashion Credits on my wardrobe change in a moment. The next place I went was Dreamscape and I am not sure how to describe it other than weird and interesting. You just might have to go visit this part for yourself. It did lend itself to some nice picture scenery though. 

Outfit: Latex Station Extreme_Dolly_black_suit
Dolly comes in black shown, red, orange, and clinic green
All other fashion credits same as Lisette above

Next I went to see the Ballroom. It is gorgeous with a reflective floor. Really plush, rich, classy and romantic. 

The last place I visited was the Holodeck. A really interesting place with 62 rezzable scenes with interactive fun inside each totally different environment. You could go to Egypt, race go carts, play in an RLV Dungeon, have a beach party, or bathe in a Roman bath- just to name a few!

Here is your limo to go explore this great BDSM and RLV friendly sim: Sanctuary Chateau and Sky Dungeon

And your limo to sexy latex fetish wear seen in this post: Latex Station

Spankings and Kisses, Lady Ling

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