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I recently moved to a 1/4 of a homestead sim. It gives me a lot of space and privacy. However,  to landscape and furnish that much spac...

I recently moved to a 1/4 of a homestead sim. It gives me a lot of space and privacy. However,  to landscape and furnish that much space with only 933 prims was challenging. I definitely ran out of prims and would probably have done more inside and outside with more prims, but I think its kind of pretty as it is. I love the spaces that I created. So come on over and peak around my La Galleria home. All are welcome. Here is an aerial view of the entire space. 

The landscaping was done almost exclusively with Studio Skye materials. I love everything in that store. Now that I have used them and landscaped my own area with them as I go around SL I am noticing at least some Studio Skye element is everywhere, in every sim. I certainly loved using their materials in my own home. They are the prettiest landscaping sets I have ever seen and they are mesh so great on prims.

In the picture above you can see how the tree tunnel leads directly to the far left side of the beach and the back of our beautiful house with its upper and lower porches facing the sea. And in the next picture you can see a side sweep from the right of our gorgeous beach area. 

Outdoor landscaping items:
Beach Building Set from Studio Skye
Beach Dune Building Set from Studio Skye
Driftwood Beach Den from Studio Skye
Enchanted Path Building Set from Studio Skye
Enchanted Tree Tunnel from Studio Skye
Skye River Bank Building Set from Studio Skye
The Falls of Ollach from Studio Skye
Uber Long Grass Field
Dark tree: Ankh-Rha Forrest Hammock - Transfer Version
Lighter Trees: LAQ Decor ~  Birch Pack - Animated
Heart waterlily - leaves- small2 and large 1
Splash Aquatics Pond Spray Ring
Space Bums Sculpty Rock #1
House: La Galleria Devonshire Cottage (115 prims)

Marketplace Stores for outdoor home and garden:
Studio Skye (amazing landscaping, beach, trees, forest, paths, pond)
La Galleria (one of my favorite home builders on the grid)
Space Bums (aquatic stuff, pond items, fish)
LAQ Decor (very intricate builds and accessories)
Heart Botanicals (trees, flowers, garden, grass)

Now it is time to take a peek inside. 

Living Room, Dining, Back Porch:
Chic Prims: Chic dots, shabby, rustic living room
L'aize Dayz: LD Rustic Al Fresco Set - white boxed
~*~ Inspired ~*~ Whimsey Tea Set Boxed
Antique Artistry Pink n black victorian tall lamp
Antique Artistry Pink n black victorian table lamp
Antique Artistry American Cutglass biscuit jar
IndieSpectrum Radio Surround Receiver V5 (http://www.indiespectrum.com) I support live music in SL!
KittyCats - Princess Pink Diamonds
KittyCats - Snowflake

Next is my absolute favorite room in my new house: My Girly Room! It is a place for me to entertain my girlfriends and really is just a mix of all my favorite colors,  play toys, and decorative items. 

Kirsten's Girly Girl Room:
Trompe Loeil - Loveseat Corduroy Purple
Trompe Loeil - Club Chair Corduroy Purple
:Cheeky Pea: Rue Abel Loveseat
LISP - Masala Chai  Lamp Pink
LISP - Rose Cup Lilac
LISP - Masala Chai Chandelier
K.R. Engineering Greedy Greedy Table v2.3 w/ Hearts addon theme
{what next} Darling Buds Gossip Bench 
Monster Labs -Shelf For Kids - Pinks
!Ohmai: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Royal Edition: Princess] RARE
Assortment of Piglets
{what next} Suitcase Drawers  (Retro Spring)

Upstairs Bathroom and Bedroom:
Bazar Arizona bed
Bazar Memories Night Table
Bazar Memories-Bedroom shelf
Bazar Arizona Bathroom Set
Bazar Arizona shower
Bazar Arizona-Bathroom vase
Bazar Towel hanger
Bazar Arizona rug bath 2
Bazar Arizona sink
Bazar Arizona rug bath 1
tM Bathtub Sex-Cuddle - Marble Pink

Thank you so much for visiting me in my home. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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