Fetish Friday-Latex Station Hunt

#1 Latex Station Main Store (Friends Section)- Bella Giraffe Latex Station is having a hunt with 25 free outfits. You go around...

#1 Latex Station Main Store (Friends Section)- Bella Giraffe

Latex Station is having a hunt with 25 free outfits. You go around SL to various bdsm clubs looking for a white hat. I got stuck more than a few times and you can't continue this hunt if you can't find one of the gifts- so I am showing you all the locations, gifts, and hints, in case you get stuck. This hunt ends June 13th so 5 more days to find these great fetish gifts. Happy Hunting!

#2- House of V- Latex Station VmaC yellow- Hint: The gears spin round and round I am on a big one on the wall in the club
#3- The Chained Phoenix- Latex Station Fucked up world shirt- Hint: I sit here high above the dancers poles looking down at the people below
#4 Fallen Angels- Latex Station Fleshtied oldyellow- Hint: When you enter the club lobby look for a plant you will find your prize hideing near it
#5 Tgurls- Latex Station Shotmesh chaps red- Hint: Parking is free here and so is the gift, find the hat near the rear

#6- The Rose Unleashed- Latex Station Silico6 Purple Hint: I like to play games, but also need to know what time it is, lucky for me can do both here and the prize is right by the clock

#7 Daddy's Girl Reform School- Latex Station Rommi pink Hint: My perch is actually to protect you from the sun or rain but i like to sit on top of it
#8 The Gallery- Latex Station Milana Orange Hint: Sit here and listen to some music from the piano or watch a dancer or find me hiding here.
#9 Club Carnage- Latex Station Adora electric blue Hint: be careful if you touch the wrong spot you may start to dance, but i am happy to sit here and watch.
#10 G-Spot- Latex Staion GorGi yellow Hint: Lets hang 10, on the nude beach and pick up a free outfit while here.

#11 The Dark Orchid- Latex Station Nicklon Green Hint: Here i sit on the ledge hope i dont fall onto the dance floor below. 
#12 Hard Rock Shemale- Latex Station Ravenna X White Hint: you can relax on the sofa next to me or pick a song and watch the record go round and round i am hanging around next to the gold records.
#13 Le Fetiche- Latex Station Lydia Pleated skirt deepsky blue Hint: The flames are burning brightly but i dont care i am fireproof, dont get burned as you grab me.
#14 Lesbian Lovers- Latex Station Varla purple make up 2 Hint: I was here and I can prove it I am right here on the board

#15 Hestia's Hangout- Latex Station Layfoam purple Hint: Wash out your glass or just wash your hands or pick up a prize here its your choice.

#16 OceanHaven Latex Station Five snatch male tattoo Hint: From this balcony i have a nice view of all the dancers on the dance floor you can sit up here and enjoy the view with me.
#17 Deranged Latex Station Aeryn Red Hint: We may have lost our skin but we still have a skull so could still use a hat. 
#18 Club Sensual Latex Station Strelizia Make-up 22 - 2 skins Hint: I sit by the contest board watching everyone dance, its a great view from up here.
#19 Country Wildz Latex Station Izan brown Hint: your baby may need a nap while your danceing if they do you can put them in the bed right next to me.

#20 Bondage Island Latex Station Kiki nurse white Hint: Find the Dancehall, and look above the factory (actually look IN the sign that says dancehall on the outside of the factory building)
#21 House of the Rising Sun Latex Station VlaneX red Hint: I am hidden on the floor watching the color changing rising sun.
#22 Rubber Room Latex Station Soraya Silver Hint: Teleport to the club to find me, then find the couch behind the fire i am hidden under it

There are also 3 more hunt gifts available at the main store, for a total of 25 free latex outfits! Remember this hunt ends Wednesday June 13th.

Spankings and Kisses, Lady Ling

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