Inventory organization with mesh?

I was unpacking, cleaning and organizing my inventory and I found this Hucci dress from Cynful's 3rd birthday party a few weeks ago...

I was unpacking, cleaning and organizing my inventory and I found this Hucci dress from Cynful's 3rd birthday party a few weeks ago that I forgot about. I pretty much instantly fell in love and had to style it and take pictures- its what I do when I like something, lol. I went to the store and they do have this dress mesh in solid colors, but I did not see it in this pretty blue and green pattern, sorry.

So I am a bit of an organization freak. I have to have everything in my inventory in easily accessible folders and tons of sub-folders. My current dilemma at the moment is how to integrate all the new mesh clothing into my clothes folders or do I even want to keep a lot of my pre-mesh clothing? I have rarely worn pre-mesh stuff for at least 6 months now, if not longer. Should I still keep it? Are you guys that are actually wearing and fitting mesh (it fits me great, size small standard size) keeping your old clothes or did you toss them? Currently, I have a folder called **MESH** inside my clothing folder and inside that mesh folder are sub-folders like mesh dresses, mesh pants, mesh shirts, etc,etc. Then my previous clothing folders are all underneath that in their original form- Dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, etc etc. I am at a loss as to what I want to do with the future of my clothes and if I want to do a big purge and integrate what remains (if anything) with my mesh clothes, or just leave it like it is and keep separating the two types of clothing, mesh and pre-mesh. I have done the same thing with all my mesh hair and shoes and have the same dilemma about whether to keep or toss my pre-mesh stuff. 

What are you guys doing to organize your inventory with system layers, sculpt clothes (so inferior to mesh, imo), and mesh clothes (shoes and hair)? If you have any thoughts or good ideas, please comment to this post =).

The inventory organization started because I was trying to find some furniture I have and could not find it- something that really upsets me. I hate knowing I have something and then not being able to find it. Sometimes it is that the game ate it, but usually it is lurking somewhere that I forgot I put it. 

I ended up deciding on my house. I did not end up getting the one I blogged a few days ago (even though I love it) because it was just too big and would have required a bigger plot of land and more tier fees than I currently want to spend. So I bought a smaller house from the same designer,  La Galleria, and I really love it too. It is called Key West Cottage, and it is empty at the moment. It usually takes me a few weeks to get it decorated exactly how I want it- so I will probably be blogging it at a later date. For now I think I will just take a break and rest on the back patio of my new house looking out on a really gorgeous beach. I am sure I will get back to the inventory organizing...later. 

  • Dress: Hucci Anada Dress- Ocean View
  • Shoes: Pixel Mode Fae Wedge Denim (group gift)
  • Hair: Alice Project Wonderland SE
  • Jewelry: Elemental Butterfly Kisses Blue Abalone set
  • House: La Galleria Key West Cottage
  • Patio Furniture: Dreamscapes Art Gallery- Summer Delight Set

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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