Streaks of Pink in my Vanilla, Kirsten's Basics

Magenta Devinna of Not Quite Pink did a Basics post and it reminded me of the " beauty base zero " post done by Portia Pexing...

Magenta Devinna of Not Quite Pink did a Basics post and it reminded me of the "beauty base zero" post done by Portia Pexington and I learned of that one when I read the base zero post done by Gogo. I always meant to do the latter and never did and since I was reminded of it when I read this Basics post, I decided to chime in with the base items that are almost always on Kirsten. 
Hair: I don't really see hair as a base item where my avatar is concerned because I change it SO often. However I do wear particular colors as a "base." Exile- I always wear Vanilla and I was so happy that with the new HUD my favorite color was still there. I often add streaks of pink to my vanilla now that I have several HUD styles to play with so far. Truth- I love truth and probably wear it the most. My favorite color used to be seaspray, but it was always the closest to what I really love in blonde because all of the light blondes were a little too white or a little too yellow for me. However, all that has changed because Truth has all new colors and I probably need more "wearing time" to truly figure out my favorites but preliminarily I love lightblonde03. Exile and Truth are the two hairs that I wear the most. 
Skin: I wear Glam Affair Jamaica tone the most by far now. I have both Amberly and Zara and love them both. It is definitely my go-to skin. I am secretly waiting for Jamaica to be the skin tone at collabor88. I have my fingers crossed for that eventuality because I don't buy any other skin tones. I also like Belleza Ava tan and wear that often as well. This part is kinda amazing to me because for years the answer to this would have been Lara Hurley Skins, but I just have not found one that I liked since Katya and I think that was about 2011. I still wear it from time to time but it is starting to feel dated to me now. 

Brows: At first I thought she would be talking about tattoo layer brows that go on skins because that is what I think of first when thinking of eyebrows. She was talking about the bald (lindens slider adjusted) bald that lets us wear mesh/prim hair with ease that happen to also be how we control the arch, shape, and thickness of our eyebrows. I use a bald/ brow shaper that I made myself in 2006 and just tweak to different skins. I usually make a new tweaked bald to go with every new skin I purchase to get the eyebrows to look pretty much the same in regards to shape and arch. I have never really used included bald/brows because I like to control my own stuff and do it myself. 
Eyes: My favorite eyes are Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh eyes Grey shadow. But I also love IKON eyes and wear Ardent Eyes Skyfall and the new Destiny Eyes in Blue are gorgeous too. It is pretty much always Mayfly or IKON for my eyes. In the picture below I have Mayfly grey shadow on the left and IKON Destiny Blue on the right. 

Lashes: These rarely change. I always wear Redgrave 38 Classy. 
Ears: I don't wear add-on ears. Ears are not a part of Kirsten's basics. Kirsten does not like ears or thinking about ears or ANYONE touching my ears or talking about touching my ears, ever. 
Alpha Layers: I always wear a hide eyelashes alpha layer that I made myself, again that do it myself control thing. You can find a hide eyelashes alpha in many places. The redgrave lashes I wear come with them in fact. I just prefer the one I made myself. Other alphas vary with what I am wearing- hair, clothes, shoes. 
Shape: I made my shape on day 3 of entering SL in 2006. Yes it has changed since then but when I look at myself- it still looks like the me of 2006, just improved (greatly). I did make some tweaks for standard sizing, but not all that many actually. I fit into a standard size small without too many adjustments, naturally. 
Feet: I don't wear feet all the time because I usually have shoes on. I have a love affair with shoes and boots and I love the ones that have feet included in them. So feet are really not a Kirsten basic either. I do wear my feet (gos arched and SLink flat) when I am not wearing shoes- which often happens to be when I am not wearing clothes.... =)
AO: My AO is really old, Divine Girl from Vista. I paid a ton of money for it, like 8000 L or something like that. So I figure I am just about now after many years getting my money out of it. I still love it and I have tried others and have not yet found one I love more. When I do, I am sure I will change it, but not until. 
Fingernails: This was not on the basic list, but it is a Kirsten basic. I am currently always wearing my Jamman mesh fingernails and they just recently updated to version 4. I can't say enough about these fingernails. I think they are perfection. With the advent of version 3 they let you be able to tint your nails any color, so now I really can match them to ANY thing I am ever wearing. The colors are now endless and that was good for me because they did not have enough pink colors, imo. 
Lipstick: This is another kirsten add-on basic not originally included in the list. It is one of my basics though. I change my lipstick often, very often, but there is one that I wear most often and love the most. That is fishy strawberry faded. I really love all the faded ones, but I wear the pink and rose the most. I love lipstick and I wear a variety of different ones from Izzie's, Blacklace Beauty, and Ricielli along with my fishy strawberry, the most. Wearing a lipstick tattoo layer of some sort is a Kirsten basic. 
Lipgloss: On top of that lipstick, I put a gloss layer that I love and wear often. Blacklace Beauty pout gloss. It comes in the pout gloss packs which have tinted shades, but it also includes a clear gloss layer that you can put on top of any lipstick. I love this lipgloss. It is also a Kirsten basic. 
Mascara and Eyeliner: Another Kirsten basic. I almost always wear a basic black eyeliner and tattoo layer eyelash in one combo made by BOOM. I love that I get both on one layer because frankly 5 tattoo layers are no where near enough for me. I desperately need more. I love the basic simple black eyeliner and great drawn lashes of this Boom combo. 
Ring: EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set - Platinum never leaves my finger. Thank you,  Jay. 
Kirsten's Basics:
Ring: EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set - Platinum
Hair: Exile::Hearts Don't Breakeven Light Blondes
Eyelashes: -38- Classy *REDGRAVE*
Fingernails: ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman
Feet: [Gos] Barefoot - Arched - S
Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly - Jamaica Clean BL
Cleavage: Glam Affair - Cleavage - Jamaica 1
Lipgloss: Blacklace Beauty Pout  Gloss
Lipstick: *Fishy Strawberry* Makeup - Allure - Faded Lipstick Pink
Mascara: *BOOM* Express Mascara (two coats)
Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes - Blue
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Grey Shadow)
Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Let's Play: Blush Polka Dot Set

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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