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    I think I was waiting for the Pink Fuel Maitreya Lara applier update with everyone else, but I was not expecting the amazing update...

  I think I was waiting for the Pink Fuel Maitreya Lara applier update with everyone else, but I was not expecting the amazing update that we received this week. Pink Fuel's last full skin release, Harley, was quite a while ago but I know Mochi has been working on skins and on improving her drawing abilities because I have seen them in smaller releases as well as some unreleased skins. Now everyone can see the amazing improvements in all her skins because the bodies have been drastically improved. You can see comparison pictures as well as a full list of all updated products on the Pink Fuel website.

"The new texture features a smoother body, dimples of Venus and improved stomach, breast and butt shading as well as back of head detail." - Mochi Milena
    So even though it has been a while since we had a full skin release, what happened this week is really like updating all our old favorite skins to a current 2015 Mochi quality. So it was kinda like getting a brand new skin release, imo! The new body is just beautiful. If you did not get your updates immediately sent to you, you can go to the main store and hit the redelivery terminal to get your free updates on your previous purchases. I got my skin fatpacks sent to me automatically, but my slink hand and feet appliers did not come for example. I just went to the store and easily got them from the redelivery terminal. Speaking of hand and feet appliers, Mochi is getting a lot of messages about them not working. Please make sure you are using the very latest 2.1 Slink updated hands and feet; the new appliers will not work properly with the older hands because the scripts have changed.

1) Update all Pink Fuel skins to Version 2.
2) Get all previously purchased appliers updated (slink, physique, lolas, etc) from the redelivery terminals. 
3) Make sure you have the newest slink feet and hands, V2.1. (at Slink mainstore).
4) Buy your *NEW* Maitreya Lara body applier.
5) Enjoy your new, amazing updated Pink Fuel skins!

     I was also super excited to see that the new tone, Apricot, which is in between peach and latte has been included in all the updates- Maitreya, Physique, and Slink hands and feet, etc. I know we don't have skins for this skin tone yet in the store, but I am really hoping we will soon!  I put the Apricot applier on today and it is sooo pretty! I am wearing peach in this blog post, however, because I did not want to show a skin that is not released yet. I did however wear Pink Fuel Sora Apricot tone for my wedding last November because it's my hands down favorite skin tone.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all my Second Life MILF's! Mochi gave us all boob jobs and butt lifts, woohoo!!


Skin: [Pink Fuel] Harley v2 <Peach> - Lid 01 - (ltbrow - A)
Eyeshadow: [Pink Fuel] Shimmer Eyeshadow <Peach> - Pearl White + Wing
Lipgloss: [Pink Fuel] Harley Sheer Gloss <Peach> - Baby Pink
Nose: [Pink Fuel] <Peach> Harley - Button Nose
Body Applier: [Pink Fuel] <Peach> - MAITREYA Lara Applier (REGULAR) *NEW*
Hand and Feet Applier: [Pink Fuel] <Peach> - Slink Hands and Feet *NEW*
Shoes: *BOOM* Adore Ultra High Heels - (Blush)
Polish: Sn@tch Slink Nails/Glitter Bokeh:::
Hair: Magika Forget
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Part-Time Boho Princess - Short
Hands and Feet: Slink Flat Hands and High Feet V2.1
Outfit: Tee*fy Giselle Romper - FittedMesh - Pink @ collabor88 May
Shape: Kirsten 2015 Maitreya Lara Curvy (Digits Here)
Pose 1: Flash Friendly Poses Stand 11
Pose 2: ploom Hoar 2

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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