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Click for  Original Picture before Photoshop / Click picture for high resolution on flickr      I have been enjoying Fantasy Gacha so...

Click for Original Picture before Photoshop/ Click picture for high resolution on flickr

     I have been enjoying Fantasy Gacha so much this weekend, which is kind of amusing considering I don't really have anywhere to wear these fantasy looks since I don't role play in SL. I have fallen in love with FDD Stories which is a fantasy store that is making fitmesh clothing and boots that are so intricate and well done I went around and bought a bunch all over the grid at every event I could find this store. My first FDD outfit was last fantasy gacha and I blogged it HERE and HERE. I really loved that one and how detailed it was, but I was not familiar with the brand. When I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with the FDD fitmesh dresses at this round of fantasy gacha, I decided I needed to really investigate this brand. I think these leather dresses are so amazing that I plan on wearing them, in red, blue, purple, etc- (I got all the common colors), just as regular dresses, lol. They fit perfectly on my Maitreya lara mesh body with my curvy shape. Here is a better fashion shot below. I was playing and wanted to make a fantasy picture above.

     I spent a small fortune trying to get the Ultra rare black dress and thigh high boots and did not get them. I do have a bunch of the common dresses at my yardsale at Gachatopia if you want some colors! Anyway, when I went to the store I was so excited to see a wall full of shoes and boots and these thigh high fitmesh boots are not gacha, you can just buy the colors you want. I thought they went well with my dress! It is important to remember to change your foot size from zero when wearing fitmesh or your feet look way too small and the boots don't look as good either all scrunched up. I made mine 30. I am in love with FDD Stories! Happy FDD Stories Shopping!

Dress: FDD Stories *Amaelle* Fitted Dress Red @ Fantasy Gacha May
FDD Stories *Amaelle* Fitted Skirt Veil @ Fantasy Gacha May
FDD Stories *Amaelle* Mesh Jacket RARE @ Fantasy Gacha May
Boots: FDD Stories *Treva* High Boots, fitmesh - Natural Black (@ FDD main store)
Quiver: Candy Crunchers - Dark Elf - Arrows @ Fantasy Gacha May
Bow: Candy Crunchers - Dark Elf - Bow @ Fantasy Gacha May
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
HAIR: TRUTH  Verinne
Jewelry: [Tia] Gypsy Moon - RARE - Headdress, Necklace, and Entire Set
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Harley v2 <Peach> - Lid 01 - (ltbrow - A)/ Teleport to Pink Fuel
[PF] Harley Lipstick <Peach> - Sultry Red
[PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow <Peach> - Heavy Smoke + Wing
Poses: marukin light daisy and garden beauty
Windlight: ElysiumEilde - HazyRedSky
Picture Place: The Dalelands

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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