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    Hiram and I are having fun at Fantasy Gacha . This is a rare pose from Rack Poses in the Rogue pose set at FGC. I have already bl...

    Hiram and I are having fun at Fantasy Gacha. This is a rare pose from Rack Poses in the Rogue pose set at FGC. I have already blogged my FDD outfit in black and I love it so much I am showing it again a little bit differently in brown. I am also wearing it with my curvy shape this time and before I wore my standard size shape. This is fitmesh so it adjusts to my shape. I did not get the brown ultra rare corset or gloves and thats ok. As you can see wearing just a few of the pieces is way cute also. I love the look of the half top too although the ultra rare corset is particularly amazing and if someone wanted to give me one- I would not say no! I am accessorizing with a bunch of other jewelry and items I got at Fantasy Gacha as well. 

Hiram is wearing the Reverie Barroom Hero outfit, also in brown, although he got both brown and black full sets. I told him I liked it and wanted him to have it. He spoils me way too much. Although I think this is supposed to be like an old west gunslinger, I think it can be easily adapted to a host of other fantasy roles like rogue and pirate. 

Adam n' Eve just released a bunch of make-up and body art for the regular avatar, Slink physique, and Visage. I am wearing some lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow from the new sets. They have demos that are really free mini testers because they are wearable. So go have a look at the new Makeup Counter at Adam n' Eve.

On Kirsten:
Adam n' Eve Eyeshadow Brown Eyeliner *NEW* Teleport
Adam n' Eve Eyeshadow Brown *NEW* Teleport
Adam n' Eve Lipstick Spice (3) *NEW* Teleport
*Artisan Fantasy* Symbolic Shield - Tripple Raven - Common @ Fantasy Gacha
FDD GS *Cirilla blouse* fitted mesh Light/Brown @ Fantasy Gacha
FDD GS *Cirilla boots* fitted mesh Brown RARE @ Fantasy Gacha
FDD GS *Cirilla pants* fitted mesh Coffee @ Fantasy Gacha
Necklace: SSD Gatcha ~ Fairy Rings Jewelry ~ Tiger's Eye @ Fantasy Gacha
Ring: Sway's [Crown] ring . rose gold . pearl RARE @ Fantasy Gacha
[The Forge] Earrings  Gold @ Fantasy Gacha
[The Forge] Face Chain, Gold @ Fantasy Gacha
{Nerdology} Dagora Horns *Black Steel* (Sapphire)  @ Fantasy Gacha
{Reverie} Dirty Glass Bangles - Gold @ Fantasy Gacha
Hair: TRUTH  Echo
Skin: Glam Affair - Angelica V2 - Jamaica

On Hiram:
DRD GOT belt male
Exile::Take It Easy
RACK Poses - Axes @ Fantasy Gacha
{Reverie} Barroom Hero  - Armor Shirt - [RARE] - (Brown) @ Fantasy Gacha
{Reverie} Barroom Hero  - Belt and Sash -(Brown) @ Fantasy Gacha
{Reverie} Barroom Hero  - Trousers - (Brown) @ Fantasy Gacha
{Reverie} Barroom Hero - Gloves - [UNCOMMON] (Brown)
{Sleepy Eddy} Engineer Boots (Dark Brown)
Skin: Hermony Symon / ST4

RACK Poses - Rogue Gacha RARE Couple Pose @ Fantasy Gacha
RACK Poses - Rogue Pose Set 2 @ Fantasy Gacha
Windlight: Kirsten's Favorite Location Haze

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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