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First of all, most of the pictures in this blog post are going to be without clothing on and NSFW. They will be in a bit after the cut....

First of all, most of the pictures in this blog post are going to be without clothing on and NSFW. They will be in a bit after the cut. I mainly took naked pictures because I think they show the new Slink Physique body best. It is hard to tell just how square the avatar boobs are above on the left with my bra on, but they are and the Physique boobs are beautiful with 3D nipples, again those need naked pictures. Ok, before we get to that I have heard a lot about the shape of the Slink Physique and specifically the hip area and it not being curvy enough and so I am focusing on that first. When you first put the body on it is NOT going to look exactly like your normal shape. You are going to notice that you are thinner with less curve to your hips. I had to tweak my shape a lot but I was able to pretty much get the Slink Physique to look exactly like "ME" only better and smoother with beautiful ROUND parts (instead of square). 

I am going to tell you how I did that and show you a picture to prove that I did. I took a lot of pictures of my avatar default and in the mesh body and I put them OVER each other in photoshop until they matched as closely as I could get them to match. At first they were very different, but doing that I could see exactly where I needed to "tweak." I think I made my hip area (above right) have just about the same curve as my default standard size small shape (above left). Look at the picture of my avatar shape over slink physique. 

You can see the few places that are very slightly different and my hips are not one of them, those match up pretty much exactly. The very slight differences are top thighs, inside of thighs and calves, very small difference in thigh gap, waist is slightly smaller in slink, and my arms at the elbow area. All of those differences are minuscule though, in my opinion, and I was able- through moving sliders- to get my shape to look pretty much exactly the same as it normally does, only much better and smoother and I know that you can too! I did the same thing with the rear side of me by taking a side shot and I got that the same too. I had to up my butt about 10 points though making that the biggest slider change in order to get it to look the same. You can see Gogo at playing with the sliders while wearing this fitted mesh body, HERE

The most important thing to me in buying a mesh body was that my slink hands and feet fit with the body. I did not purchase other brands previous to this for that one reason alone, my hands and feet simply did not work with the mesh body. That was a no go for me right there. I have to have my slink hands and feet. So all I did was read the very detailed customer Slink information and wore the XS hands and feet. They fit pretty much perfectly immediately, imo. I would suggest you 1) read that document and 2) try and play with a demo, and then 3) purchase slink physique. 

Ok, so getting the shape like mine was important to me because I want this shape for when I wear mesh clothing. Sure you can up the sliders and make it curvier, but you still can't wear standard size clothing with a much curvier shape and I have a lot of mesh clothing already in my inventory that I want to continue to wear. I have tried a few outfits with the mesh body. The HUD is great and it makes it very easy to hide parts of your body in order to wear mesh clothing. You won't be able to wear everything, but so far I can wear a lot. I have not worked enough with clothes to really comment on this yet and I am sure I will say more later. This post is much more about this body and shapes for this body- without clothes!

So the next thing I did was decide to play with my shape and get a much more curvier shape. This is definitely one of the reasons for me to buy Slink Physique. I wanted something that can replace my cute azz and lolas. So my goal was bigger round pretty boobs, round pretty butt (the azz is really not bigger than my regular one, which I like), and rounder hips. What I wanted to CHANGE was the things I HATE about my azz shape and that is the waist area. I wanted a much more normal waist and dear god not zero fat. So I made a curvy shape that is 25% body fat and I think beautiful. Next I am going to show you this curvy shape as my default avatar and in my slink physique. 

OMG so embarrassed showing this! I know you can see the SQUARE default boobs in this picture, bra or no bra. This is why I was good with a standard size small shape or mesh body attachments like my lolas and azz. When you move the sliders very much over about 50 for pretty much any part the default SL avatar looks pretty awful, distorted, sharp, and square with horrid angles. You can clearly see this above on the left. However, I love this same larger, curvier shape on my Slink Physique (above on the right). I also want to mention that I did not touch up or alter these photos in any way beyond cropping them. I did not fix any lines or liquefy any parts at all. 

I think you should definitely purchase this new fitted mesh body that adjusts with sliders. I know its early days, but everyone and their brother are going to be cranking out appliers to go with this body and we are going to have a ton of options. I am very happy with my purchase!

The rest of this blog post after the cut is going to be very NSFW. Please only click if that is ok with you!

You can really see the pretty shape of the slink physique boobs with the 3D nipple as well as the shapely butt in the above picture. If you were a phat azz or a ghetto booty wearer before slink physique, this might not be for you. I do not know about that though because I did not try to get my rear to look like those and did not purchase them prior to this either. I wore cute azz because it was nice, shapely, and round without being bigger than my normal bottom. I believe slink physique, with some slider tweaks, falls into that same category. 

Beautful Curves! I love Slink Physique. I did touch up this photo as far as contrast, coloring, and light effects. I did a lot with those, but I did not touch up the body shape. I would have normally had to spend a lot of time on knees, elbow, butt, boobs, and that shoulder would have been a nightmare of about two hours of photoshop work to get it to look like this. I did not do anything to them. This is simply the beauty of Slink Physique. 

JCNY - 'FOREVER, Engagement Ring
Magika [Hair] Meadow
Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium XS
Slink Mesh Hands Casual XS
Slink Physique Mesh Figure V1
Glam Affair - Sylvia  Jamaica
Glam Affair - Slink Physique Applier - JAMAICA

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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