The newest face at Adam N' Eve , Siobhan,  is gorgeous as is the rest of the body. Sachi ...

Siobhan, Adam N' Eve

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The newest face at Adam N' Eve, Siobhan,  is gorgeous as is the rest of the body. Sachi is a talented skinner and this skin adds to her growing collection of gorgeous. I tend to like a darker blonde eyebrow so I am wearing one from another skin that worked perfectly! I am growing quite a large collection of blonde eyebrow tattoos. Below you can see the three eyebrow colors that come with the skin from left to right: Red,  Blonde (and its a very light, white blonde), and brown/dark. 

Above you see the entire Tone 3, Siobhan fatpack. Starting on the bottom left and going around clockwise: Siobhan Bare, Candy, Clover w/dimple tattoo addition, Rosebud (top right), Sangria, and Tomato. That dimple tattoo is TOO cute! I love it!!

So I did a few things today. 
1) Got the WTG lucky board Hot Heart jewelry set, and the group gift purse, 100L to join group
2) Got some thing in the Ricielli Valentine's Hunt (all items 15L)
3) Did the Purple Moon, Cherry Hunt, 10 items, all 0L, no group needed!

My outfit is the Siobhan skin, dress from the Ricielli hunt, jewelry from the Purple Moon Cherry hunt, and purse is the WTG group gift. 

Skin: Adam N' Eve Skins - Siobhan T3 Tomato
Eyebrows: [:Tuli:] Sara / peach / brows :: Light Blonde
Dress: Ricielli Mesh - (M) Marchesa dress/red (Valentine Hunt # 17)
Jewelry: Purple Moon Frozen Dew Cherry Set (Cherry #8)
Purse: +:+WTG+:+ **Hot Heart** February GG #2 female 2013 (FREE Group Gift, 100L to join group)
Hair: Truth January
Shoes: [Gos] Sophia Peeptoe - Essentials Collection - S

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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