Teach me something: How to look at lost webpages, and tint SL feet

I originally posted this February 25, 2011. Here is my contribution to Strawberry's meme this week . http://web.archive.org/web/2011110...

I originally posted this February 25, 2011. Here is my contribution to Strawberry's meme this week.

I started blogging in early 2011 on my own domain slook.biz. Through a serious of misfortunate events, I messed up and my hosting company, godaddy.com, did not get their money so they sold my domain to someone else and I lost a years worth of blog posts. I was disheartened to say the least. It took me months to start again on kirstentacular.

I really thought I had lost all those old blog posts but last night my  fiance Jay taught me something. It seemed so simple to him, but it was really priceless to me and it made me cry (the good kind of tears). Since I am sure I am not the only one that has ever lost a webpage or url, I thought I would share.

Jay's Simple way to see old, lost websites:
1) Go to http://archive.org/
2) In the middle of the page is a place that says "web" on the left and in red and black funky letters is called the "WayBackMachine." There is a search box and a button under it that says "take me back."

3. Enter the website that you want to view and hit the "take me back" button.
4. It will come up with a calendar and you click a day on it and up pops an archived screenshot of the webpage on that day. 

It was really cool to look at my old blog posts that I thought I would never see again, but the coolest part was that all my old tutorials were there and I could see them again. I hated losing my blog in general, but I had quite a few tutorials on there and losing them was tough. 

Thanks to Gos,  N-core, SLink, and skin appliers, we are not having to tint feet,  hands,  and body parts any more. The new people coming into SL, might never learn how to do this. It will become a dying art! However what happens when you get that cute freebie pair of pink polka dot shoes and they are not color match? One of the tutorials I lost was how to tint feet. I thought I would copy and paste it and republish it with a few tweaks in directions for the new viewer just in case you get something you need to tint yourself. 


I think we have all been frustrated when trying to tint our feet in SL (not anymore, thank you Gos and N-core).  N-core just released (in february 2011) a new FREE group gift for members, N-core SENSE XtremeHeel “GroupGift”. (Hey wait a minute, the new group gift from N-core, the cute red and white bow shoes- you have to tint those yourself! So hey, someone might actually use this tutorial) Just join their in world group and grab some sexy barely there strappy black heels- a must for the spring/ summer fashion season ahead. (You can't get these Sense shoes, but you can get some shoes that you have to tint from N-core still. The group is still free to join, too).  This also presented me with a great opportunity to show you how to tint your sculpt feet!

  • Step 1. Set windlight settings to how you use them in game
  • Step 2. Jump on a pose stand
  • Step 3. Try out the skin pre-sets, you might get lucky…..although I never have. Below is number 8 and number 9 in the N-Core shoe HUD. You can see the HUGE difference in color and that it is nowhere near my skin tone.
  • Step 4. Turn on your RGB colors under your cursor. You get the advanced menu by control + alt + D. You get the Develop menu by control + alt + Q. In the Second Life Viewer 3 you go to Develop --> Show Info --> Show Color Under Cursor. 

  • Step 5. Use Control + Zero to zoom in on the skin right above your foot. Move your cursor around your skin and you will see a range of numbers on the bottom of your screen as you move your cursor.
  •  My skin went from about 140-160 red, 85-105 green, and 65-85 blue. For prim feet matching, I have found that you want to pick numbers not right in the middle of the range, but closer to the middle, high end of the range. I also tend to pick the numbers I see most often as I move my cursor around.  I went with 158 R, 102 G, 85B.

  • Step 6. Change your sculpt foot to white.Most shoes actually have a white tone (for gothic skins, etc). Do NOT use one of the brown skin tone pre-sets in the shoe because they won’t work with this method. You end up combining the skin pre-set AND the RGB numbers and then your foot is way too dark. So use a white sculpt foot. (To reset your zoom use Control +9).

  • Step 7. Enter the RGB numbers into your shoe. Every sculpt foot shoe that I have tried has this capability somewhere. You might have to search around in the different shoe HUDS or enter it in on a channel. Usually I then tweak my numbers a little but using the RGB numbers from my skin gives me a great place to start. 

  • Step 8: Tweaking Tips: You want a color that is a little bit lighter than your skin because as you take away red, green, and blue it will darken your tone. The colors all start with 255 red, green, and blue until you tweak them. As you lower those numbers, your foot will get darker. 

  •  I ended up using 155R, 96G, 72B. This was very close to the mid-upper range of my skin RGB colors and close to the numbers that I picked to start with. Now my foot is perfectly matched to my leg! I am wearing Lara Hurley Claire Tan skin in this tutorial. Also, with just a few minor tweaks in numbers this is the basic RGB for Adam n’ Eve Tan skins, Belleza Tan skins, League Suntan skins, Tuli Emma Tan, and Apple May Designs Tan skins. (It is interesting to me looking back how much my skins have changed in two years!) All the skins I wear are very close in color and I do not have to hardly change my sculpt feet at all.
  • Happy tinting!

    Love, Kirsten Corleone

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  1. This was very informative. I'm definitely going to be looking up some old sites on archive.org, thanks for the link!

  2. Thank you Strawberry for the meme topic. I have enjoyed looking at all the various things people are teaching each other.

  3. Hello Kirsten, thank you for the nice lesson how to tint body parts. We all know these problem and it is really a great help.
    I am also glad for you, you found your old blog entries - maybe it is a way to add them to your actual blog - I love to look, even if it is "not so new" anymore.
    Thank you!
    Ralna Payne

  4. Hearing the joy of your excitement was a treat all it's own. This is what it's about baby, sharing little nuggets and discovering new ones together. ;)



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