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     I have not blogged with Lady Ling in 9 months . You can find all the fetish fashion posts ever posted or that will be posted on kirs...

     I have not blogged with Lady Ling in 9 months. You can find all the fetish fashion posts ever posted or that will be posted on kirstentacular under the label, Fetish Friday. I did a few fetish inspired posts with Kirsten, because as my readers know by now- it is all the same dominant me in real life.  However, I was really missing my Domme avatar with a strong dominant square jaw uniquely beautiful to her. My hesitation has been the changing landscape of the game with mesh bodies and all of the cost and expense that goes into updating an avatar combined with a few core challenges. It has been exspensive enough to update my main avatar and I was not sure if I wanted to update my alt.  I also did not want to continue to blog with a normal SL avatar because after getting used to the beautiful curves of a fitted mesh avatar- I honestly can't stand how the SL avatar looks anymore.

     One of the core challenges was that my favorite skins were Belleza. That is all I wore as Ling for years, but Belleza was not making appliers for anything and for various reasons the new Belleza mesh body was not for me. So I knew that if I updated I would have to change skins and that was really hard. After trying MANY on over really the last three months, I decided to move to WoW skins. I think its very pretty on me and I like the dark tan tone a lot. Also, this being my alt avatar and not my main, WoW skins offers a lot of lower cost deals on skins often at various events further making this skin store appealing. They also make appliers for every body part I can think of.

     Another aspect in updating a fetish avatar is needing the clothing designers that make fetish clothes to make appliers for whatever mesh body I chose. At first when mesh bodies came out, I could not find fetish clothing for them at all (which is why I did not update my avatar and stopped blogging with Ling initially). A few months ago I revisited this issue and spent a little time contacting all of my favorite fetish designers and asking what appliers they were making and if they intended on making any more or others as well. After contacting the fetish store owners, Omega seemed to be the overwhelming choice- either they were already making them or were planning on doing so soon.

      This left me with needing to get the Maitreya body since it is compatible with the Omega system. So after much contemplation, I took the plunge and today you are seeing the new improved almost all mesh Lady Ling. It was quite expensive to update my avatar (mesh body, new skin, skin appliers, slink hand and feet appliers, etc), but the beautiful curves of the mesh body and how it looks with latex applied to it is making me super happy.

     My fashion today consists of  applier latex by Black Haus, a special that is available in both red and black at the current round of Designer Circle. This comes with appliers for Slink Physique, Maitreya Lara, and Belleza Venus fitted mesh bodies. My very detailed original mesh crop and blindfold are new gacha items by Maai and can be found in the main Maai store. I am showing you the black versions which are the Rare items in the machine- good luck! My dangerously high black latex boots are by Rachel Swallows Creations. These come in 5 standard sizes and I was able to wear the large with this new curvy shape that I have made for Ling. They are not fitted to any mesh bodies however, so please try a demo if you plan on using them with your mesh avatar. As I said earlier my skin is by WoW skins, but this skin, Ilenia, is a brand new release that you can find right when you walk in the main store.  Finally my hair is a new release by wasabi pills at the current round of faMESHed.

     I don't know how often I am going to blog with Ling, but I intend to start turning Friday's back into fetish clothing highlights once again as often as I have amazing new fetish designs to highlight. I hope that turns into every Friday! Finally, I wanted to say thank you to those that sent me notes about missing Lady Ling or especially liking that part of my blog. I received quite a few of those over the last 9 months and I appreciate it! To those of you that it matters, Lady Ling is Back!

Outfit: BLACK HAUS - Latex Bodysuit Black @ Designer Circle
Fetish Items: MAAI Gacha - Blindfold& Crop - Black RARE/ Teleport to Maai
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Jessie Mesh Hair - Night shadow *NEW* @ faMESHed
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
Boots: Rachel Swallows RIX BOOTS BLACK
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Ilenia Darktan Nat C
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes - Grey
Pose 1: Striking Poses Ann Margaret
Pose 2: Magnifique Poses - Dominatrix 5

Spankings and Kisses, Lady Ling

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