Gacha! I got a RARE fairy wand! It is huge and sparkly and mine! The pink footie pajamas were m...

Gacha December

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Gacha! I got a RARE fairy wand! It is huge and sparkly and mine! The pink footie pajamas were my "rare" as was the peach sparkle purse. In other words those are the ones I wanted even more than the actual rares. Well except for the granny purse. I would love a RARE granny Secret Store purse. That's about the only thing I wanted that I did not get. I don't see any reason at all that I can't wear my bunny hat, wings, and tiara all at the same time. I am after all the queen, lol. 

Gacha Items
PJ's: (Cracked Mirror) PJ's Pink-S
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Love Teddy Bear Bronze
Wand right: Curio Obscura Grand Stellar Staff RARE 
Wand left: Curio Obscura Moon Wand 
Hat: Miamai_TCS_Bunny Choco
Wings: [Auxiliary]Fly Free - Pink
Tiara: Noodles Be Our Guest Tiara Gold/ Diamond

I love these Secret Store Tiny Satchels. Really all of them, so cute! From left to right: leather, lavender sparkle, baby blue, mustard polka, peach sparkle, brown polka, and nude. 

Here is the best way to see the stuff and teleport directly to the item you want: .

In other news. I got my brand new computer. It is so super fast and awesome! I got dressed up with a billion scripts and prims, etc. and went to a super laggy crowded sim. A place like that and I would have been lucky to run 1 frame per second on low graphics before. Last night, on my new computer, I was running over 30 frames per second on ultra graphics with shadows, lol. UNREAL! I have none of my windllight settings and really have to get those over here to my new computer, lol. So much stuff to install and set up when you get a new computer, but so worth it. I was barely snail pacing along before and now I can actually play this game!

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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