Sunday, January 6, 2013

Batter Up

Baseball season won't start until March along with spring and flowers and stuff, but this is SL and I can have anything I want at any time. This sexy baseball inspired outfit is a new release from Candydoll. It comes with appliers you can buy separately for the big boobie girls, too. It is clothing layers. It has been a really long time since I wore anything on clothing layers and not mesh, but I had fun in these sexy sporty shorts.

Maybe it is because it is not baseball season, but I hard a very hard time finding a baseball diamond in SL. SL has everything, I figured baseball would be easy to find. I finally found Wrigley's field but it was covered in snow! It was the best I could find. I am really surprised that I could not find batting practice or more baseball fields in SL. Anyone know where one is that I missed?

I especially liked how my butt dimples showed in these shorts. I talked about the Amberly butt dimples before when I reviewed this gorgeous skin. I still love them, lol. 

Shorts: _CandyDoll_Baseball Chick Blue Pants
Socks: _CandyDoll_ Baseball Chick Blue Socks
Shirt: _CandyDoll_ Baseball Chick Blue
Belly Piercing: *ICED* Belly Piercing - Triple Circle
Jewelry: :::Sn@tch Galaxy Girl Set
Hair: >TRUTH< Zuzka - mirage *NEW*
Shoes: Maschienenwerk LowTop II BLUE (free back in the day, no clue if this still exists)
Poses with prop: KaTink - Batter Up
Place: Wrigley's Field in Chicago 1920's

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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