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        Makeup Monday ... out on maybe early Wednesday, lol. I started this video on Monday (7/2/2018), lol. It has...

        Makeup Monday... out on maybe early Wednesday, lol. I started this video on Monday (7/2/2018), lol. It has been a busy week in RL with July 4th things, so it's a little bit late- hopefully better late than never. This week I am looking at the new shopping HUD, Lookbook. It is a HUD that contains new, exclusive skins, makeup, eyelashes, nails, etc. I really enjoyed this new shopping experience. I liked being able to stay at home, look through the book, try demos directly from the HUD, and buy the items I wanted which were immediately delivered to me. This is the second version of Lookbook and there are a lot of great updates. I think consumers gave the event organizers some great constructive criticism and they listened and adjusted their HUD. That is exactly what happens in RL, and it is REALLY nice to see in SL. Way to go Lookbook team! I made a video vlog as I explored the June 2018 Lookbook. 

Some of the great Updates to this Lookbook HUD:
* Resize, larger or smaller
* Minimize
* You can now purchase a gift card and do not have to give debit permissions if you don't want to do so. You can either give the gift card as a gift or attach it to your screen. When you click on the gift card HUD, it will transfer the amount to your Lookbook HUD and then you can use it to purchase items. The gift cards come in 100, 300, and 600L increments. They never expire.
* There is also a credit terminal. You can visit the terminal and pay it the EXACT amount you want to use. So if you want to buy one thing and it costs 211L, you can only use that exact amount in the credit terminal located at the in world Boutique.

Important Links: 

Lipstick: LUXREBEL - Jeine Lipstick - Catw @ Lookbook June 2018
Eyeshadow: . MILA . Summer Heat Eyeshadow (CATWA) @ Lookbook June 2018
Eyelashes: Glam Affair - Catwa Lashes - Set 001 @ Lookbook June 2018
Eyes: Avi Glam Solstice Eyes - Fatpack
Head: Catwa Kimberly

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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