Big Floppy Hat

        Arte just released a new, beautiful skin- Alma - at the current round of The Liaison Collaborative . This skin comes with ...

        Arte just released a new, beautiful skin- Alma - at the current round of The Liaison Collaborative. This skin comes with 5 brow options, freckles, liner, blush and 1 lipstick (shown). It is available in 4 skin tones (fair tone shown). I am also wearing a new Arte cat eyeliner with a little bit of glitter sparkle that was just released at Cosmopolitan. Glam liner comes in 10 sparkly colors. Arte makes gorgeous skins, makeup, and eyes. Go try demos of these new products soon. Cae is at Uber with the Valencia jewelry set. The 4 strand necklace has options to show/hide various strands as well as texture change the stones and metals. Kathleen's recently released the Summer set outfit and you can now find it at the main Kaithleen's store in the new releases section. (See the cute ruffled bottoms in the picture below). Doe just released the Makina hair at Gacha Garden. There are two versions of this updo hair with a hat (shown) and without in this gacha machine. 

        Nantra just released big floppy hat poses at the current round of Mesh Body Addicts Fair. This set has a hat that will auto rez that goes with the poses, but I used the poses with my hat-hair by Doe. So you can use the included hat or use the poses with your own hat of your choice (if you are on land that won't let you rez, open the pose stand and copy/paste the contents so that you can use the poses without the included stand). I also want to direct your attention to the Arte body skin and how detailed and well drawn it is! I love the dimples in the back. 

Skin: A R T E - Alma Skin [CATWA] @ The Liaison Collaborative
Eyeliner: A R T E - Glam Liner [CATWA] @ Cosmopolitan 
Jewelry: Cae :: Valencia :: Collection @ Uber
Hair: Doe: Makina V2  @ Gacha Garden
Outfit: Kaithleen's Summer Set  @ Teleport to Kaithleen's
Head: CATWA Kimberly 
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 
Poses: {NANTRA} Sea Breeze @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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  1. Hi Kristen, I love these pictures. A minor gripe I have, in the picture with your back towards the sun, the shadows are in the opposite direction I mean since your back is towards the sun you wouldn't have this kind of a shadow. And your head's shadow on your neck is a bit distracting. But that could just be me. Love your work.

    1. hi Anonymous, I am a fashion blogger, so my shadows are not due to the sun, they are due to in game lights specifically placed to show the clothing/hair/hat that I am blogging. My pictures are not made to be accurate to the art, but are made to show specific items and to highlight them well. This is how it would be in a real life fashion shoot if they had studio lights on the model to show the items they were advertising, the same applies to second life. I am blogging that necklace and skin. If I did not project lights on them, you would not be able to see them. I learned a lot about this from the owner of Foxcity poses. She has some amazing tutorials about using projection lights in world to make photos.

    2. A lot like this picture in RL- I set it up a lot like that in SL, lol.

  2. If I wasn't trying to show any fashion items, my picture lighting would be completely different. The purpose of my photos however, is not realistic photography, but rather fashion modeling photography. In addition to the second life resident tutorials, I have learned a lot from real life fashion photographers as well. Photographers and their lighting set up such as this one: have helped me to light my scenes in SL.


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