Summer 2014 Home: Classy Bohemian

Normally I blog this in July or August, but my summer got away from me. Hiram and I made this home in July and have enjoyed it all sum...

Normally I blog this in July or August, but my summer got away from me. Hiram and I made this home in July and have enjoyed it all summer. We will be changing it for fall soon, so it was past time that I got it on my blog.

House: [barnesworth anubis] duxbury house

Outside Decor:
{what next} Bramley Rocking Chair (pine)
Mesh plants and flowers made by Reid Parkin on marketplace
Dabble Dooya Red Brick Garden Paver Set on Marketplace
Mutresse -  Gnomes (assorted)
Apple Fall Rosemary, Huge Fan Palm, Calla Lilies, and grass
Frogstar - Pietro Patio Chair (Aqua) and Table (Toffee)
Trompe Loeil - Classic Hot Tub Natural + White
LISP - Mesh - Bergamot  Decking and Path - Smooth Pine

I picked a theme, Classy Bohemian, and a 5 color palette that I decorated around.

Due to the sheer huge volume of items, I am not going to name every little knick knack and part.  I am going to mention some things and definitely mention the fact that Hiram made some of the items you can see in the pictures and is now selling them in his marketplace store: Dabble Dooya. The pretty brick pavers that you can see all around my flower beds, some curtains, and my kitchen were all made by Hiram. Basically if I can not find what I want, Hiram ends up "dabbling" with it until he makes something amazing for me. Please check out Dabble Dooya. There are only a few items so far, but we will be adding to them and they are almost all original mesh and textures too. 

I used quite a few items from the July 2014 round of Arcade in my summer home like the junk wannabe boho items which I adore. I find them colorful and whimsical. 

Living Room: 
junk. wannabe boho set
Inspired ~*~ Downtown Loft Sofa Set
Dabble Dooya Recycled Frame w/clipped pics on MP
The Loft - Morgan Chair Purple
Trompe Loeil - Ines Wall Fountain
Apple Fall Fleur Sideboard (Grey) (tinted)

I fell in love with the Zaara Indian kitchen and really wanted to build a kitchen around it but as hard as I tried I could not find a mesh kitchen that went with it at all. SO- Hiram made me one. This is the only item in Dabble Dooya that is not original mesh. He really originally just made the original textures on the mesh just for me, but I loved them so much I convinced him to sell them too. 

Dabble Dooya Walnut and Black Granite Modular Mesh Kitchen on MP
Zaara Indian Kitchen set
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry Set

Tres Blah Cottage Du Jour Set

Dining Room:
[ARIA] Eva multi-function chair - slipcover and cushion
Bazar Floria-Dining Set

Bazar Toronto Bedroom Set

Bazar Bathroom Shower
PILOT - Bathtime [ Romantic ] RARE
Second Spaces - Bathroom Clutter Set
Apple Fall Bastide Vanity Set
Culprit Fancy Dresser Tatty White
[Dysfunctional Designs] Washroom Cabinetry

Spare Room: 
.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk Set
Chic Prims chic dots sofa set
vespertine bookworn nest items
Sway's WallArt [quotes (various around home)
Alouette - The Bibliotheque Chair - Blue and Pastel Patchwork
Trompe Loeil - Vintage End Table Cadet

I hope you enjoyed this pictorial tour of our summer home! I hope it inspires you in your SL decorating efforts. If you see something that I did not list, please IM (if I am online) or notecard (if not) me in game and I will be happy to help you out. 

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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