There is a new gacha event, TAG Gacha , that is a whole lot of fun and very different from anything else I have experienced in SL. On o...

TAG Gacha

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There is a new gacha event, TAG Gacha, that is a whole lot of fun and very different from anything else I have experienced in SL. On opening day there was quite a bit of lag at the start of the event, Gachatopia, but once we got going it was pretty smooth sailing. This event is located across 50 sims at each participating main store. Some of the main stores I had never even visited before, instead only seen their items out and about at various events like Arcade. So it was an added benefit in my opinion going to all the stores and exploring a bit. At each store you have to "tag" a sandwich board to mark your HUD. 
When you go to all 50 sims,  you open up a redemption room and if you were lucky enough to get some mystery coupons out of the gacha machines you will unlock some secret rares. For more information see the  official blog how to. It was all super fun! Take a friend, Tag you are it.

There were so many cute items in this event! Pretty much everything I am wearing is from Tag Gacha and it is all super adorable! Hiram and I got 4 mystery rare items, too! You have until October 31st to play. I have a bunch of my duplicates at my yardsale if you are looking for items, Kirsten's Gacha Garden.

What loot did you get from TAG Gacha?

*katat0nik* (Alle<3) Bitchfork *TAG Gacha*
*MishMish* Scawy Monster - Dracula *TAG Gacha*
Hair: +Spellbound+ Velvet // Jet Black *TAG Gacha*
.Snips &Snails. Halloween Bucket - Pumpkin Patch  [RARE] *TAG Gacha*
.tsg. Persian Kitten - Gold Patches *TAG Gacha*
Tenacio Clara dress  blue *TAG Gacha*
Tenacio Clara necklace *TAG Gacha*
Tenacio Clara witch hat RARE *TAG Gacha*
Tenacio Flu blue RARE *TAG Gacha*
The Secret Store - Juicy Spooky Heels - Bloody Eyeballs *TAG Gacha*
Skin: ~Sassy!~ Sophie - sunkissed 03, black
Pose 1: (marukin) [passion] royal image
Pose 2: (marukin) [light] daisy

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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