Fetish Friday: Alice Boutique

            Affordable, high quality, fitmesh latex fetish wear is a find! Alice Boutique  has a wide variety of slightly goth latex apparel...

         Affordable, high quality, fitmesh latex fetish wear is a find! Alice Boutique has a wide variety of slightly goth latex apparel that is made to fit a variety of mesh bodies. The best part was how great the latex is drawn AND that it is all only 99L each. 

        Nothing on the adds says original mesh and at this price point it is most likely template mesh, however, the 2D latex textures that have been drawn for all of these designs are really well done and seems unique as I have not seen it saturated over the grid. 

        To be able to see the latex as it was designed, you do need to make sure that you have advanced lighting enabled in your viewer and it also helps to wear the "latex lights" that are included in each design. If you are not looking at the design with advanced lighting, it will not look like this on your computer screen. That is not the designer's fault however and just user error. If you are looking for sexy fitmesh latex, check out Alice Boutique on marketplace. 

        I have been trying skins on this new head and haven't found one that I like enough to buy yet. However, I also pulled out all my old pre-mesh head skins and tried them on as BOM layers and I was utterly surprised to find that most of them looked great on my face even though they were designed for the default avatar. However, the hands and feet look messed up. I am wearing an old Pink Fuel skin and Mochi was kind enough to make a BOM tattoo layer to fix the hands and feet so that you can wear all your old PF skins on your mesh bodies! You can find that fix in the main Pink Fuel store for only 1L. Thanks, Mochi!

Dress: Alice Boutique:. Harper Dress

Boots: BAX Regency Boots Black-Red Patent Leather 

Jewelry: Cae :: Aurora Set

Ring: EarthStones BDSM Mistress' Ring - Diamond

Hair: Stealthic - Cascade 

Skin: [Pink Fuel] Morgana <Apricot> - Makeup #2 (blkbrow)

Skin Fix: [Pink Fuel] <Apricot> - BOM Hide Finger/Toe Nails - MAITREYA


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3

Decor: ~*S.E.*~ Vicious Implements Trio

Pose: FOXCITY. Dominance (Bento with prop)

Backdrop: [Bad Unicorn] Bound Basement Backdrop

Spankings and Kisses, Lady Ling

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