Feeling Whimsical

So before I get whimsical I wanted to show you three FREE skins that are available now. 

  • 1)WOW Suraya, 1500 Group Members free gift, group is free to join, check past notices
  • 2) Modish Chepe Sunkiss June Group Gift, group is free to join for now, check past notices
  • 3) AlVulo Baba 2 Natural Reddish group gift, group is free to join, go to sim and click board
  • Hair in all 3 elikatira Memoir, blonde7, brown 4, red 5

Ok, now for my whimsical me:
My hair in this outfit is from analog dog. Analog dog and the newer line "point b" are both on sale right now because soon MESH is coming to analog dog. I can't wait to see what Queue Marlowe does with mesh!

Then I got really nutty and decided to REALLY play, lol. For the most part I do straight fashion shots to show you as best as I can how the clothes and skin actually look in second life. If a skin is grey, I don't use crazy windlight and tons of photoshop after effects to make it look good. How you see things on my blog are how they look in game. However I have mad photoshop skills and sometimes I have to play- I decided to cartoon/ posterize myself. Darn I am cute! =)

  • Skin: WOW Suraya, 1500 Group members free gift, group is free to join
  • Shirt: WOW Tube mesh top pink lines (new)
  • Shorts: Leezu Yve Pants plain blue
  • Socks:Robin Sojourner Socks Argyle Robin's Egg Blue
  • Shoes:Detour Mixflip sneakers pink hearts
  • Bangles: Sakro rainbow bangles (TAH #47 Gift)
  • Backpack: Freaky Design Mi Backpack purple (TAH #8 Gift)
  • Hair: Analog Dog pim
  • Ring: Designs by Sebastion 5 band ring (TAH #15 Gift)
  • Necklace: Cute Bytes Koky Necklace MagikSing

Love, Kirsten Corleone


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