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Harlow Heslop asked us as a community to think of ways to do nice things . I have been pondering that for a while. I found a "new to me...

Harlow Heslop asked us as a community to think of ways to do nice things. I have been pondering that for a while. I found a "new to me" jewelry store, Elemental,  just a few weeks ago and so far I have made three purchases and have gotten a few items from hunts. I am impressed. I really love the items I have purchased as well as what I see in the store...that is on my "to get" list, lol. I think the designs are unique and eye catching. I first used Elemental jewelry in a blog post, here, a few days ago.

So my pay it forward is nothing but nice things to say about Contessa Lacombe and her jewelry store, Elemental. I think you should go visit!

I can tell from the information posters in her store that are customer oriented and friendly,  the introduction on her profile, her blogger friendly tab in her profile, and her newcomer friendly Freebies for Newbies program that this is a designer that I can not only enjoy supporting just because I love her jewelry but because I love her business philosophies as well. 

"Owner of ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, PETITE ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, & METAPHYSICAL MERCANTILE. I'm a silversmith in RL, and I'm trying to interpret some of my jewelry designs into SL. I prefer using colorful semi-precious stones." - Contessa Lacombe

  • Jewelry: Elemental Black Velvet Rodochrosite & Beads Necklace, earrings, bracelet
  • Bangles: Ear Candy Rose and Lime Bangles
  • Shirt: Jane fufu tutu salmon
  • Shorts: mon tissu cuffed denim shorts meduim wash
  • Shoes: SLink Sheila Thongs White
  • Hair: elikatira Melody
  • Bag: Duh Big Satchel (it was modify- so I made my own color) TAH #2 Gift

Elemental Butterfly Kisses Blue Abalone Set

Elemental Butterfly Kisses Pink Abalone Set

Most of the jewelry in Elemental is about 100L a piece so not only is it great jewelry, it is inexpensive too. Elemental is in a lot of hunts right now and the store is pretty small- so lots of goodies to find in a relatively small space. See the blue hunt giver on the left side right at the front entrance to the store. The butterfly sets above can be found in Red Abalone in designers showcase for only 80L currently. Finally,  this weekend for 60L weekends you can get these sets below: 

Are you still here? Go... hurry....go visit Elemental Jewelry! =)

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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