Kirsten's Basics and Digits June 2014

It was past time for me to update my basics post. I have it on the sidebar of my blog because I do not always credit the items that I wea...

It was past time for me to update my basics post. I have it on the sidebar of my blog because I do not always credit the items that I wear almost all of the time. My last basics post was in May 2013 and many items have changed. My last digits post was June 2013 and there are a few changes there too mostly due to a separate shape when I wear breast and butt attachments. Since I was going to update my basics post, I decided to combine it and participate in Berry's fourth digit challenge because I have participated in all of the other digit challenges. So here goes: Kirsten's basics and digits of June 2014.

My shape for mesh has changed very little. I have not come across a whole lot of fitted mesh yet and the ones I have tried have not seemed to fit very well. For example around the waist when you move the clothing would go through my avatar. So far I have not bothered with figuring it out and changing my shape because most items include the 5 standard sizes as well as the fitted mesh variation. My solution is that I just don't wear the fitted mesh version and go with my normal standard size small. I know that their are certain sliders that respond to fitted mesh and others that do not and the game assumes those sliders are zero. So if you do not have the sliders that do not respond to fitted mesh set to zero, the fitted mesh clothing will not fit. At this point in the game, very few items are coming in fitted mesh and so it has not been a necessity for me to play with my shape to accommodate the change.

Here is my picture and digits from last year's post and those have hardly changed at all. The only one that is different is my Hand Size which is now 30 because I always wear slink hands. I can't believe I did not wear slink hands last year because it would feel really weird without them now. All of the other digits are exactly the same on my normal shape that I wear with mesh.

While my shape for mesh has changed very little, I do have two base shapes that I work with on a regular basis that I did not have a year ago when I did my basics and digits posts. I now have a mesh shape and a implant shape for when I wear my cute azz and my lolas. When you wear the azz many sliders have to be set to zero and so to accommodate for this change I have made other sliders bigger. To be honest, I don't have it where I really love it because I can't seem to totally offset the zero body fat. I also refuse to make my waist (love handles) zero and have been able to get my cute azz to fit anyway. No matter what I do, my waist feels way too small and not proportionate with my larger butt and hips. I change this often but here is what I am wearing in June of 2014.

Kirsten's Digits for Breast and Butt Implants:
Height: 6'0"
Body Fat: 0
Head Size: 55
Torso Muscles: 38
Boob Size: 0
Arm Length: 85
Hand Size: 30
Torso Length: 50
Love Handles: 20
Belly: 0
Leg Muscles: 60
Leg Length: 60
Hip Width: 70
Hip Length: 35
Butt Size: 40
Saddle Bags: 30

You can see the sliders that are different from my mesh shape and see these shapes side by side in the first picture above in this post. I wear this Implant shape whenever I wear my Lolas and my Cute Azz and I wear my other shape when I wear mesh clothing. The biggest change in my avatar though is my eyes. I won't share exact slider numbers with you but my eyes have gotten a lot smaller and less open over the last year. They have gone from kind of doll-like to a much more natural opening.

Historical Digits Posts: I have participated in all of them in some way. =)
Digits 1 (my old and first blog via archive) Here is the boob video that used to be on this post.
Digits 2
Digits 3
Basics 1

Now let's look at the Basic items you can almost always find on Kirsten. I do not always list or credit these but will keep this post in the top sidebar of my blog for reader reference.

Kirsten's Basics 2014:
Hair: Hair in second life has really changed over the last year. It is now all entirely HUD based. So I am going to show you in pictures which buttons on the various HUDs I find myself clicking most. I wear mostly Truth, Exile, ploom, and Magika hair.

Skin: I wear Glam Affair Jamaica and Izzie's Natural the most. However, I love Pink fuel skins too but just did not have a skin tone that I really love so Mochi is making three new skin tones one of which is going to be called Apricot. I have seem some beta versions of this new skin tone which is in between peach and latte and I am really excited to add this skin to my most worn list in the future!

Eyes: I have tried to change and update this, but so far I can't find any eyes that I like better. My eyes are IKON Vanity Eyes- Azure. This is different from a year ago when I wore IKON Ardent Eyes- Skyfall, but I feel like I have been wearing the Vanity eyes for a long time now. I really do love them though!

Lashes: I can't believe I finally found lashes to replace my Redgrave Classy, but I have. I now always wear Mon Cheri Falsies. I almost always 99% of the time wear the glitter mascara in the HUD. Like everything else in SL, my new lashes are also HUD driven and have lots of variations. I wear Style 2 and the black glitter variation the most.

Shape: My shape was made by me in 2006. See my digits above =)

Feet: The first sentence of my last years basics post was that I do not wear feet all the time. I honestly can't imagine that now! I own SLink flat, medium, and high feet and one of those is always on my avatar. I love my SLink feet and all of the SHOES, polish appliers, and stocking appliers that are made for them. In fact SLink feet and the SLink feet ad-on shoes are so much a part of me, I included both in my first picture.

Hands: I did not own hands a year ago! Now I always have Slink hands on and I own most of them. I usually, 99% of the time, wear Slink Casual hands.

Boobs: I wear mesh a lot and mesh that does not come with appliers, so I do not always wear breast implants. I really do love my large, slightly cartoonish Lolas Tango boobs though! I wear them enough that they should definitely be included in the Kirsten's basics of 2014 list.

Lower Body: When not wearing mesh, I wear Luck Inc. Cute Azz.

AO: My AO has finally changed this year! I now use Vista Animations Cosmopolitan. I blogged it here.

Lipgloss: This has not changed. I almost always wear Blacklace Beauty Pout  Lipgloss.

Mascara and Eyeliner: This has also not changed. I almost always wear *BOOM* Express Liner.

Mesh Standard Size Shape Details:
*Fishy-Strawberry* Lingerie - Magnetic Nude @ The Chapter Four June
Hide Eyelashes Alpha (made by Kirsten)
Slink Enhancement Hands and Feet Alpha
*BOOM* Express Liner
Blacklace Beauty Pout  Gloss
*Mon Cheri* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper+Lower
Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium S
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S Left
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S Right
[L.Warwick] Aurora -Platform Heels- Pastel Peach
Glam Affair - Vera - Jamaica - Clean A
IKON Vanity Eyes - Azure (ML)

Implant Shape Details Additions:
**  Cute Azz Alpha
** Cute Azz
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
TRUTH HAIR Bryn [LoveJugs 2]

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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