Midsomer Mesh Cottage

I was out house shopping and came across one of the cutest homes I think I have seen in SL at La Galleria. I talked to the owner, Pamela Galli, and she told me this was her newest creation, only a few weeks old and she is making an American version with porches instead of a garden. It is 100% mesh which is what makes the amazing detail and high quality textures possible. This home is such a step up from what has previously been available. It is not inexpensive, but then things of great quality seldom are. I just fell in love with this English cottage and all the furniture inside too! You can find her store here on marketplace.

  • House with garden: Midsomer Mesh Cottage (unfurnished) (3250 L)
  • Living Room: White Linen and Pine Deluxe Living Room (2495 L)
  • Kitchen: Dinner Party Kitchen White and Marble (3195 L)
  • Bedroom: Tradewinds Bedroom (2250 L)
  • Bathroom: White Wood and Marble Bathroom (1950 L)

Love, Kirsten Corleone


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