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I did a post a few days ago with all the Rares I got at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival  and today I am showing my deviousMind ...

I did a post a few days ago with all the Rares I got at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and today I am showing my deviousMind Mermaid love. I did not get any of the rare tails but that was ok to me because I did not really want any of them. This tail was the one I wanted the most from the picture, Salmon Spring. I think its amazing. I got a few other colors too of course, but this is my favorite. 

I have an actual Mermaid AO that I bought about 5 years ago (at least) that is really fun for swimming around in a mermaid tail. I bought it so long ago and when I click it, it just says unknown so I don't know who made it or how to tell you to get one. I bet there are updated even better ones now though.

I went mermaid swimming last night and explored a whole bunch of beautiful underwater places around SL. Here are just a few of those:

What are your favorite underwater places in SL?

Mermaid Tail: deviousMind Erielle  **SALMON SPRING ** @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pasties: deviousMind StarfishPasties **SALMON SPRING** @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Franimation Loaded with Mer Animations Set
Hair: Exile::Desperately Wanting (L)Light Blondes
Boobs: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Skin: Glam Affair - Cleo - Jamaica - Clean A
Lipgloss: Glam Affair - Cleo - Glossy Lips 1
Lipstick: Izzie's - Lipstick rose

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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