I have been enjoying the couple poses that have been released from RACK poses lately. This pos...

Rack Couple Poses; DE Designs Mens

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I have been enjoying the couple poses that have been released from RACK poses lately. This pose above is newly released at the Poser Pavilion and will be there until January 10th. I had a very hard time finding a cityscape that would allow build. That is a requirement when we want to shoot cute couple pictures like this one. You have to be able to rez the pose balls, at least for a short time period. So thank you Electra Shopping District for allowing build on your land! Beautiful sims of SL, please consider turning build On and auto return on after a short period of time (like 30 seconds would even work!) so that we can rez couple poses and pose stands. When bloggers use your sims in our post and then include the picture place and slurl, that promotes your sim! Hiram was such a good sport. I have been running him around as I shop for Christmas presents in a Kirsten whirlwind fashion. Only 8 more days til Christmas!

DE Designs has recently released this mesh sweater in a variety of colors and cargo pants for men. I really love the mesh build of both items. The sweater has nice arm size and broad shoulders. I am kind of tired of all the mesh clothing making guys look like they would pass out lifting a pencil and it would hurt to sit down cause they have zero padding! I need guns, broad shoulders, and something to grab! The pants have a nice round shaped bottom, YAY. These are manly man nice clothes and they are very Kirsten approved. It is OK that they make me want to lick my screen, right? =) Teleport to DE Designs to get your man some sexy original mesh clothes!

On Kirsten:
Jewelry: EarthStones Twinkling Lights Set- White
Slink Mesh Feet and Hands (Av Enhance)
Skirt: Tee*fy Edela Buttoned Skirt Black @ collabor88 December
Shirt: Tee*fy Polly Tucked Blouse  Scarlet
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Althea *NEW*
Shoes: [AUX] Footwear - Heartbreaker  - Red @ collabor88 December
Skin: Glam Affair - Lilith - Jamaica

On Hiram: 
Sweater: DE Designs - Men's Pullover Sweater - Black
Pants: DE Designs - Mens Canvas Dungarees - Boot - Khaki
Shoes: Meli Imako Men's Toe Boots Black (MI86988 Men's Toe Boots - Fashion Kit)
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance)
Hair: Uw.St    Al-Hair   Black
Skin: Redgrave CHRIS - Tan

Plant: World of Wood Big Red Poinsettia
Pose 1: RACK Poses - Gift Shopping Pose 1 @ Poser Pavilion
Picture Place: Electra Shopping District (you can rez here)
Pose 2: RACK Poses - Trimming The Tree

Love, Kirsten Corleone and Hiram Walker

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