Fetish Friday: KaS Hobble Dress

     KaS is a little fetish clothing and equipment store owned by Salid Sewell. Everything you find in the store is original content c...

     KaS is a little fetish clothing and equipment store owned by Salid Sewell. Everything you find in the store is original content creation expertly crafted and scripted by Salid. She does not release often because you can tell that she spends an enormous amount of time perfecting every item she releases. This new mesh dress, the Hobble Dress, is geared more toward submissive women. It is RLV enabled and through the RLV viewer you can even wear your dress and the viewer will automatically apply the correct alpha for the pieces and parts that you are wearing. It comes in three lengths, short (pictured above), medium, and long. It also comes with a built in AO that has stands and three different "hobble" walks included. When you wear the long version of this dress the hobble walk makes a lot of sense because you are tightly constricted and enclosed in the formfitting buckled latex. 

     The textures on the dress are gorgeous and materials enabled and I think my Bax Coen Regency boots that are also materials enabled are a great accessory for the short version of this dress. Although the dress has many submissive features, I will be wearing the short and medium length as a dominant woman often. I might even wear the long length with the AO turned off because its a gorgeous dress too. You can easily turn the AO off or change the hobble walks or any other scripted feature by clicking your waist. You also set owner and initially activate your auto-alphas from this menu.  The dress comes with a HUD that lets you change the parts of the dress separately into 23 different colors. This dress has so many features; it comes with a manual with detailed easy to understand instructions. So you get three lengths, 23 colors, RLV enabled, and a built in AO in a gorgeously crafted original mesh dress all for the low price of 840L.  I honestly think that the quality and the features included are well worth the price. 

In the gif above you can see how the light naturally reflects on the dress as you move. Remember gifs lower the resolution of pictures substantially, so please look at my stills for the texture detail. I am using a new dance from Humanoid, Angie 15. 

This picture shows you the 5 parts of the dress that you can texture change separately as well as displaying the long version of this beautiful dress. The last feature of this dress that I am going to share with you in the picture below is the open feature. You can choose to open the torso, butt, and/or legs of this dress. You can open them all or just one. The sleeves of the dress are also optional and it comes with 4 sleeve options: no sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves, and mitten sleeves (which are binding and constrictive). 

Teleport to KaS (the dress is upstairs on the second floor, demos are 0L)

Dress: *KaS*HobbleDress.Short and Long
Hair: Wasabi Pills Haley Mesh Hair - Night shadow
Boots: BAX Regency Boots Red Patent Leather
Heels: Debrah's "Wizzy" Platf. Pumps - Candy Pink Leather
Skin: Belleza- Ria Tan 2 Dk @ collabor88 January
Dance: Humanoid Angie 15

Spankings and Kisses, Lady Ling

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